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March 2017

3/15/2017 Copper Basin News

3/15/2017 San Manuel Miner

3/15/2017 Superior Sun

3/8/2017 Copper Basin News

3/8/2017 San Manuel Miner

3/8/2017 Superior Sun

2017 March Oracle Towne Crier

3/1/2017 Copper Basin News

3/1/2017 San Manuel Miner

3/1/2017 Superior Sun

2017 Apache Leap Mining Festival Paper

2017 March Pinal Nugget

February 2017

2/22/2017 Copper Basin News

2/22/2017 San Manuel Miner

2/22/2017 Superior Sun

2/15/2017 Copper Basin News

2/15/2017 San Manuel Miner

2/15/2017 Superior Sun

2/8/2017 Copper Basin News

2/8/2017 San Manuel Miner

2/8/2017 Superior Sun

2017 February Oracle Towne Crier

2/1/2017 Copper Basin News

2/1/2017 San Manuel Miner

2/1/2017 Superior Sun

2017 February Nugget – Tourism Special Edition

January 2017

1/25/2017 Copper Basin News

1/25/2017 San Manuel Miner

1/25/2017 Superior Sun

2017 February JO Combs Community Edition

2017 Winter FUSD Southeast Valley Ledger Edition 

1/18/2017 Copper Basin News

1/18/2017 San Manuel Miner

1/18/2017 Superior Sun

1/11/2017 Copper Basin News

1/11/2017 San Manuel Miner

1/11/2017 Superior Sun

January 2017 Oracle Town Crier

1/4/2017 Copper Basin News

1/4/2017 San Manuel Miner

1/4/2017 Superior Sun

January 2017 Pinal Nugget


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