Sea Lions host ‘Whiskers vs Thunder’ swim meet

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Asher Riekofski and Gabriel Hudson ages 5yrs. (Photo courtesy Apuron Photography)

  The Sea Lions’ season continued with a home meet on Saturday, June 27.  The Sea Lions Team was split into two squads, Team Whiskers and Team Thunder (both named after team mascots), to compete against each other.  In addition to the normal individual events, several fun relays were added that include all age groups on each relay team.  Team Whiskers won the meet by a score of 364 – 354.  Team Thunder won a more individual events (22-18) than Team Whiskers, but Team Whiskers won 4 out of the 6 Relays and that proved to be the difference in the meet. 

  For the Sea Lions as a whole, the meet was a success.  Swimmers achieved 59 best times in a fun event and got another opportunity to compete.  Older swimmers served as team captains and used strategy to set the relay line ups and get swimmers at the correct end of the pool for each of the relays.  

   One of the most memorable events of the meet was the Kick Relay.  In this relay, every swimmer on each squad had to kick the length of the pool using a kick board .  It was required that swimmers in this event went oldest to youngest.  The older swimmers on team Thunder jumped out to a pool length and half lead over team Whiskers.  However, as the relay progressed, Team Whiskers battled back with an extremely fast leg by Genaveeve Lopez (11).  Then it was Alianna Riney’s (7) rocket fast leg that brought Team Whiskers from half a pool length behind to taking the lead going into the final swimmer on each team.  This pitted two 5 year old boys head to head.  Both teams cheered loudly as the two boys pulled even midway down the final length.   But it was Asher Riekofski that kept his kick going the entire length of the pool to pull ahead at the wall for the win for Team Thunder. 

  The two teams were balanced so closely that no swimmer won every race.  It was Alianna Riney from Team Whiskers and Evan Apuron from Team Thunder who both had 8 wins at the meet. 

  The following swimmers had first place finishes on Saturday:

Asher Riekofski, (5), (Kick Relay);

Gabriel Hudson, (5), (Noodle Relay);

Alex Ervin, (6), (Fly, Back, Breast, Free, Kick Relay);

Alianna Riney (7), (Fly, Back, 50 Free, Breast, Free, Medley Relay, Back Relay, Noodle Relay);

Kori Andrade (8), (IM, Breaststroke Relay, Kick Relay);

Arizona Axe (8), (Noodle Relay, Free Relay);

Annie Nemons (9), (Kick Relay);

Simon Fletcher (9), (Kick Relay);

Jocelyn Hudson (10), (IM, Fly, 100 Free, Noodle Relay);

Hannah Dougherty (11), (Kick Relay);

Genaveeve Lopez (11), (Back, Free, Back Relay, Noodle Relay);

Lily Axe (12), (Noodle Relay);

Jessica Rouse (12), (Breast, Kick Relay); 

Cooper Dale, (12), (Back, Kick Relay, Breaststroke Relay);

Athan Riekofski, (12), (Medley Relay, Free Relay, Noodle Relay);

Ethan Erickson, (13), (IM, Fly, 100 Free, Breast, Free, Medley Relay, Free Relay, Noodle Relay);

Arriana Ervin, (13), (Noodle Relay); 

Julie Ramirez, (13), (IM, Fly, Back, 100 Free, Breast, Free, Kick Relay);

Martin Madrid, (13), (Noodle Relay);

Mason Stewart, (14), (Medley Relay, Back Relay, Noodle Relay, Free Relay);

Ethan Kellam, (14), (Breaststroke Relay, Kick Relay);

Mia Dale, (15), (100 Free, Back, Breast, Free, Kick Relay);

Star Chavez, 17, (Noodle Relay);

Evan Apuron, (17), (IM, Fly, Back,100 Free, Breast, Free, Kick Relay, Breaststroke Relay);

Darien Apuron, (19), (IM, Fly, Back, Medley Relay, Back Relay, Noodle Relay).

  Hannah Dougherty and Asher Riekofski were named Beasts of the Week. 

  This was the first swim meet for Hannah Dougherty.  She swam all six individual events in her age group which is Beastly achievement for a first meet.  She also swam the Noodle Relay and was part of the Team Thunder winning Kick Relay.  

  Asher had huge time improvements in every individual race he swam.  On average he swam 10 seconds faster in each event than he had ever swam before!  Asher brought home the Kick Relay victory in the most exciting Beastly worthy moment of the meet.  

     The Sea Lions still need a few more swimmers.  There is still time to join the team – contact Alex or Wendy Gort ay 896-2190 or stop by the Mammoth Pool between 4 and 5:30 p.m. (Monday-Friday) for more information.       

Lily Axe competes in the Noodle Relay. (Photo courtesy Apuron Photography)
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