Learning what Thanksgiving means to our youngest readers

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 This Thanksgiving, we at Copper Area News are happy to bring back a classic holiday section that involves interviewing local children about the holiday.

  Copper Area News reporter, Lauren R. Carnes, had the pleasure of interviewing children from the span of the Copper Corridor, asking them questions like:

  • What is something you and your family do on Thanksgiving?
  • What do you eat for Thanksgiving?

  From students at Ray Elementary School, Mammoth-San Manuel Pre-K-12 School, Mountain Vista Elementary School, Leonor Hambly K-8 and John F. Kennedy Elementary School, here is what they had to say.

  From these local children and the Copper Area News family, Happy Thanksgiving. We hope that you have the very best holiday.


  Stirling R., who is 6 and attends Ray Elementary School, said he and his family “have turkey for dinner.”

  Winston G., 6, has a non-traditional dinner and has fun over the holiday. “We eat chicken and play Mario,” he said. Winston is in kindergarten at Ray Elementary School.

  Riley M., who is 5 years old, spends time with her family. “Gramma and Grandpa come over,” she told this reporter. Riley attends school in Kearny.

  Lane D., 5 and a kindergartner at Ray Elementary School, has lots of company for Thanksgiving. “All my friends and my parents’ friends come over and we hang out.”

  Charlie C., 5, told Copper Area News: “We go somewhere and we eat a lot of food.” Charlie attends school at Mammoth-San Manuel Schools.

  Maria E., also age 5, said she spends time with family. “We don’t have Thanksgiving. We go to the pumpkin patch,” she said. “We go to my house and play with my cousins.” Maria is a kindergartner at Mammoth-San Manuel Schools.

  Levi B., age 5 and a kindergartner at Mammoth-San Manuel, said, “We go to my grandma and grandpa’s house.”

  King H., 5, said, “We to my grandma’s and then my grandpa’s, and then we go home.” King also attends school in San Manuel.

  Grace E., who is also 5 and goes to kindergarten in San Manuel, spends time with different members of her family. “I just hang out and go to my cousins’,” she said.

  Jacob L., who is 5 and goes to Mountain Vista School, said, “We eat dinner with my family.”

  Brysenia B. is a five-year-old who attends kindergarten in Oracle. She said her family works together for Thanksgiving. “We cook a family dessert, and we cook a dinner and we sit at the table,” she said.

  Jocelynn W. told this reporter, “We eat at the table and hang out.” Jocelynn is five and is a kindergartner at Mountain Vista School.

  Tristen M., who is 6, said, “We hunt turkeys.” He attends school in Oracle.

  Eli F., 5, said, simply, “Cook turkey.” He also attends school in Oracle.

  Jaelynn T. explained that she gets to have fun on Thanksgiving. The six-year-old said, “We usually, when the food is cooking, me and my cousins play outside.” She is in kindergarten in Oracle.

  Anevay G., who attends kindergarten in Winkelman, had much to say on the subject. “We make pumpkin pie, me and my mom buy something at the store, and we spend time together,” she said. She is five years old.

  Victor S., 5, mentioned eating dessert first. “We eat pie and turkey,” he said, adding, “I hang out with my family.” Victor attends Hayden-Winkelman Schools.

  Miguel E., another kindergartener in Winkelman, said, “We haven’t celebrated it yet.” He is 5.

  Julique J., a six-year-old kindergartner at JFK Elementary School in Superior, said she “plays games” and “eats turkey and pie.”

  Raelynn M. (who is five-and-a-half) told Copper Area News, “We usually just sit down and eat dinner.” She attends school in Superior.

  Anthony Y., 6, said he and his family “play games.” Anthony is in kindergarten in Superior.







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