Kearny fiber artist explores new world of painting

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Becky Drew.JPG

Becky Drew shows off her very first painting on canvas. Vicki Clark | Pinal Nugget


Just a sampling of Drew’s crocheted creations.
Vicki Clark | Pinal Nugget

By Vicki Clark

Pinal Nugget

The love of creativity has offered many paths to explore for Kearny artist and artisan Becky Drew. As a youngster she showed her creative side through dancing and was a member of the National Dancing Honorary in college. But it wasn’t until years later that she discovered her many other talents.

She begin crocheting after moving to Kearny several years ago and over time has produced many doilies, tablecloths, runners and much more including 12 altar clothes she has donated to several LDS churches around the state. She is currently working on a pieced bedspread and changes things up by making head warmers using yarn.

She said she has always wanted to paint but didn’t have time when raising kids and working. After she retired from the railroad in 2003, she got interested in tole painting and was hooked. From there she started painting on gourds in all shapes and sizes creating themes, scenes and designs.

“Gourds offer so much especially the larger ones,” Becky said. “After cleaning them up, a marbling effect emerges and my imagination takes over.” She said she usually doesn’t have any plan in mind and lets the gourd talk to her. She has made a whole collection of Christmas ornaments out of the smaller gourds along with several whimsical characters.

Becky started putting paint to canvas a little over a year ago and has discovered a whole new passion producing close to 20 paintings in as many months. She works in acrylics and her subject matter depends on what strikes her fancy at the time. She is associated with the ArtUs Guild in Kearny whose members meet once a week to paint together and will be showing her work during the group’s annual show planned for sometime in April.

Other creative projects Becky has taken on include basket weaving, quilting, Brazilian Embroidery and handmade greeting cards. “I get bored doing nothing,” Becky said. “So I create…that’s what I do for fun.”

In addition to all that she also does genealogy work.

Although much of her works are given away to family and friends, she currently has greeting cards, paintings and gourds available for purchase at the Copper Rose, a flower and gift shop in Kearny.


Drew’s imagination takes over as she decorates gourds. Vicki Clark | Pinal Nugget

painting 2.JPG

A floral still life by Becky Drew.
Vicki Clark | Pinal Nugget

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