Pastor’s Corner: In Touch

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Fellowship Baptist Church

I have many faults, but an especially bad one is my inconsistent communication with others. I have a Facebook page, but I rarely look at it. I don’t always return calls. Sometimes I assume that people know the thing I should have told them simply because I thought about telling them. Do you know someone like me? Aren’t they exasperating!

As I said last week, it is obvious that we have a Maker. Someone created our world and us. So the question is, “Has He communicated with us?” My answer is, “Yes!” If we consider every possible way God could have communicated with humanity, it seems that He has done so.

If we believe the Bible, then we can say that He has programmed information in our minds; He has spoken through manifestations and visions; and He has put communication into written form. The crux of the matter, however, is whether we or not we should believe the Bible.

There are three lines of evidence for the contention that the Bible is actually God’s communication to man: (1) it is internally consistent (i.e. it does not contradict itself); (2) it is consistent with what we know is historically true; and (3) it has elements within it which cannot be explained in terms of a human cause (e.g. prophecies which have now been fulfilled). No other book can make these claims.

If this raises a counter-argument in your mind, e-mail me. Let’s get in touch. God communicates well, and I want to do better.

Feel free to email me at

Joe Palmer (10 Posts)

Joe Palmer is the pastor of Fellowship Baptist Church in Kearny. He is happily married with three terrific children and two adoring dachshunds. He is of the very firm opinion that God exists, that the Bible is true, and that God in the person of Jesus Christ has saved him from his sin and prepared a place for him in paradise. His firm opinion is a long studied opinion held with happy confidence, and so, though by nature a bit high-strung and timid, he looks to his future with a joy and happy expectation which makes him largely unafraid of anything or any circumstance. The worse thing that can happen to him is that he can die, and the best thing that can happen to him is that he can die. Everything else is a detail which God will work out for his best. His ambitions revolve around reconciling people to God through Jesus Christ. This he attempts to do by declaring in appropriate ways that God is purely good and that He is the source of all of our joy and happiness. There is nothing about God one would not like, and He is our only hope. Joe is over-weight, out of shape, and as old as the town of Kearny; but he has a peace which surpasses understanding, and such peace makes this middle class American very rich indeed!

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