San Manuel seniors earn over $850K in scholarships

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Another year gone by, another fine crop of students ready to step out onto the world stage and see in what roles they are cast. Many from San Manuel High School have graduated and gone on to fame, fortune, family that filled their lives with purpose. There is every reason to look forward to more of the same.
 These students of the Class of 2022 have a good head start in finding reason to believe this, having earned a record amount in scholarships.

   Valedictorian Braydon LeGrand and Salutatorian Daniella Kotopoulous were given these responsibilities in a far more normal year than, two years ago, was felt to be possible. Not normal, but closer. When others were in their place, they and all the Class of 2022 were younger, further away from reaching graduation, with the schools shutting down.
  Even though things are better at graduation, these are still students who persevered through so much to reach this time of their lives. They have done very well!

  Students for the San Manuel High School (SMHS) Class of 2022 earned a total of $850,800 in scholarships.
 Students who earned awards and the totals awarded to them are: Fabian Alvarez- $6,800; Austin Axe- $6,80; Hannah Bonner- $6,800; Monique Borquez-$14,880 ; Rianna Bowser-$20,880.00; Mark Burnham-$6,800; Miacela Burnham- $14,880; Francisco Castro Alvarado – $6,880; Mireya Curry-$26,880; Yesed Del Rio-$6,880: Jason Dockum-$6,880; Daniel Duarte-$6,880; Aubrey Encinas -$39,380 : Mia Gonzales -$6.880: Jonathan Guisa-$6,880 and Hannah Holley- $6,880.

  Also, Noah Huerta-$93,380; Priscilla Ivy-$8,880; Mercedes Keesling-$6,880; Daniella Kotopoulous-$114,755; Brayden Legrand-$177,372: Ryan Levasseur-$6,880; Alicia Lopez-$26,880; Isaiah Lopez-$6,880; Haylei Lozoya-$54,655; Kayla Madrid-$6,880; Charity Maghinay-$6,880; Marialena Molina-$6,880; Natalie Montiel-$6,880; Brianna Mullens-$6,880; Chance Nielsen-$6,880 and Adalberto Orduno Llanes-$6,880.

  Also, Natalye Pinedo Tellez-$6,880; Jonathan Rodriguez De Santiago-$6,880; Emily Rowlands-$6,880; Samuel Scott-$42,155; Andrea Serrano-$6,880; Autumn Small-$114,405; Hector Smith-$6,880; Justin Tafoya-$6,880; Desirae Uselton-$6,880; Alysea Valdez-$6,880; Adrian Valencia-$7,630; Antonio Villanueva-$6,880 and Jazmyne Waddell-$16,080.
  This year’s scholarships were awarded as follows:
  Fred Littau Scholarship of $1,000 was awarded to Daniella Kotopoulous.

  Phillip Clark Memorial Scholarship, a total of $750, was awarded to Adrian Valencia.

  SaddleBrooke Community Outreach Scholarships, totaling $96,000, or $12,000 per student, were awarded to: Rianna Bowser, Mireya Curry, Aubrey Encinas, Noah Huerta, Daniella Kotopoulous, Haylei Lozoya, Samuel Scott and Autumn Small.

  SaddleBrooke Rotary awarded scholarships in the amount of $14,500 total to Rianna Bowser ($2,000), Noah Huerta ($2,500), Priscilla Ivy ($2,000), Daniella Kotopoulous, Braydon LeGrand ($2,000), Haylei Lozoya ($2,000) and Samuel Scott ($2,000).

  Elks Scholarship was awarded in a total of $1,500 to Haylei Lozoya.

  Pinal County Federal Credit Union awarded $500 to Aubrey Encinas.

  San Manuel Rotary awarded a total of $1,100, or $275 each for: Daniella Kotopoulous, Haylie Lozoya, Samuel Scott and Autumn Small.

  CAC Academic Scholarships in a total of $34,400, or $6,880 each were given to Noah Huerta, Daniella Kotopoulous, Braydon Legrand, Haylei Lozoya, Natalye Pinedo Tellez.

  CAC Pinal Promise for the Future awards of $6,880 per year, the equivalent of two years’ tuition, were awarded to SMHS students for a total of  $275,200. Students who have earned this reward are: Fabian Alvarez, Austin Axe, Hannah Bonner, Monique Borquez, Rianna Bowser, Mark Burnham, Miacela Burnham, Francisco Castro Alvarado, Mireya Curry and Yesed Del Rio.
  Also, Jason Dockum,Daniel Duarte, Aubrey Encinas, Mia Gonzales, Jonathan Guisa, Hannah Holley, Priscilla Ivy, Mercedes Keesling, Ryan Levasseur, Alicia Lopez, Isaiah Lopez, Kayla Madrid, Charity Maghinay, Marialena Molina, Natalie Montiel, Brianna Mullens, Chance Nielsen, Adalberto Orduna Llanes, Jonathan Rodriguez De Santiago, Emily Rowlands, Samuel Scott, Andrea Serrano, Autumn Small, Hector Smith, Justin Tafoya, Desirae Uselton, Alysea Valdez, Adrian Valencia, Antonio Villanueva and Jazmyne Waddell.

 The Pima Community College Scholarship, in a total of $9,200, was awarded to Jazmyne Waddell.

 The University of Arizona awarded a total of $236,250 in scholarships as follows: $8,000 to Monique Borquez, Miacela Burnham and Mireya Curry; $40,000 to Noah Huerta; $50,000 to Daniella Kotopoulous and Braydon Legrand and $32,00 to Haylei Lozoya; $20,250 to Autumn Small; and $20,000 to Samuel Scott.

  Northern Arizona University awarded a total of $189,600 in scholarships as follows: $20,000 to Aubrey Encinas and Alicia Lopez; $32,000 to Noah Huerta, Braydon Legrand; $42,600 to Daniella Kotopoulous; $43,000 to Autumn Small.

  Western Washington University awarded a total of $32,000 to Autumn Small.

  The Emil M. Rovey Memorial Scholarship for $1,000 was awarded to Samuel Scott.

  New Mexico State University in a total of $86,492 awarded to Braydon LeGrand.

  Fabian Alvarez was honored for his enlistment in the Army. He will attend college on the Military GI Bill following his service.

   Congratulations, students!


Jazmyne Waddell is awarded a scholarship from Pima Community College. She signed a letter of intent to play softball for Pima.


Hannah Holley receives the Central Arizona College’s Pinal Promise Scholarship from Dr. Michelle Poppen.


Francisco Alvarado receives the Central Arizona College’s Pinal Promise Scholarship from Dr. Michelle Poppen.


Haylei Lozoya receives an academic scholarship from Central Arizona College from Superintendent Julie Dale-Scott.




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