Leadership Matters: Keep Supervisor Rios

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The Copper Corridor, as a region and Pinal County as a whole, is fortunate to have Pete Rios as our County Supervisor. Supervisor Rios understands the challenges of living in our remote, rural communities, and most importantly, he has never forgotten his roots throughout his political career.  He understands that our communities often have unique needs and our challenges are often more complex than the rest of Pinal County.  He is a tireless advocate and a champion for our region.  

  It is critically, important that we keep his steady leadership and experience as our Supervisor.  With many challenges coming our way, due to the COVID-19 Pandemic, we need a representative that understands policy and can represent the needs of District 1.  We do not know what the total economic fall out will be for both the incorporated and unincorporated communities. We need to keep a leader that we can trust, someone who isn’t afraid to stick his neck out to fight for our district.  We also need representation that will make sure our communities are not left behind as Pinal County continues to grow.

  Supervisor Rios has always remained committed to the people of District One.  As a Mayor, I call on him often to seek support or his advocacy for our community and our region.   He consistently seeks out opportunities to serve the people of our district and Pinal County.  He also brings a tremendous amount of governing experience that provides important guidance for all of Pinal County.

  Join me in supporting Supervisor Rios.  He provides the consistent leadership, that  we need to navigate our County, now and into the future.

/s/ Mila Besich

Mayor of Superior

Mila Besich (465 Posts)

Mila Besich is a resident of Superior with two children. She volunteers for many local organizations. She is an experienced fundraiser and event planner for Copper Corridor Economic Development Coalition. She covers some of the area town councils and schools.

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