From Family First: Take Some Time

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  As I look out of my shop to the distant snowcapped mountains, I see the Mesquite trees that have been bare all winter just starting to bud out! On the ground below are flowers of all kinds popping out, just like that ground hog looking for his shadow to see if winter is over. The sun above looks brighter today as I marvel at all the new life surrounding me. Even though I am a grandpa now, with my children grown up with children of their own, I marvel at the wonder of a newborn child!

  We are blessed at Family First to see this miracle of new life up close and personal every day. We are here to encourage, buildup, and teach the new moms and dads during the best time of their lives.

  Sometimes they just need to hear that having children is the best thing they will ever accomplish! We all need to hear that as we pass through this life!

  That’s why I love this time of year as we celebrate spring and the Easter Holiday. It’s a time to celebrate our life, a time to celebrate God’s gift of life for us, the giving of His Son so we could have life!

  So, if you want to feel a little younger take some time and go outside to take in the marvel of spring time, the new growth and the new life! Take some time to be around young children and pour into their lives.

  Join with us at Family First to help that next generation be the best they can be! Family First; “helping mothers, youth and families!”

  Happy Easter!

  “For God so loved the world He gave His only begotten Son.” John 3:16

  God Bless,

/s/ Frank and Clare Grochocki

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