Winkelman Elementary School Halloween Fun Night

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WINKElMAN, Ariz. -At Winkelman Elementary, workers were just starting to set up for the Halloween Fun Nightafter school,when a chill crept into the room.Thinking someone left the door open, one volunteer stepped away and checked to make sure the building was all closed up – it was – before all continued their assignments.

Just as the same volunteer picked their brush up, to finish painting on a booth, a strange shrieking moan seemed to come from all around them. They were scared. Yet, with knees knocking, they went to investigate further.

Moving about the room, they checked under tables, around corners, high and low. Though they never saw anything unusual when looking directly toward anything or person, out of the corner of their eye they strange, hurrying movements throughout the room. Only, when they would turn their head, the movement was gone and only their fellow workers were to be seen.

Then, the lights began to flicker on and off.

Every time the lights went out, a rush of cool, a tearing noise and a gurgle fizz as if something weird were being done to a helpless victim occurred. Every time the lights went back on, a different volunteer would be stationed nearby the light switch.

That’s when this volunteer realized the frightening, awful truth. They were alone, the odd man out; all the folks they had thought of as their fellow workers were in cahoots and something truly terrible was happening all around, against their will.

The lights went out again, the coolness swept through the room and all around were more cracking, ripping, gurgling noises, now followed by diabolical laughter and an evil sounding slurping.

In fright and fear they called out “Okay! Turn the light back on and give me one of those sodas!”Laughing, the other volunteers turned the lights back on, handed them a soda from the faculty refrigerator, and they all went back to work, to get the Halloween Fun Night ready for the kids.

Winkelman Elementary School Halloween Fun Night will be ready for all the costumed revelers on Tues., Oct. 30, where from 5:30 p.m. to 8 p.m.there will be a cake walk, haunted house, dance contest, jumping castle and costume contest as well as games, food, music and lots more fun.Bring your carved pumpkin and enter it to win a prize, too.

All events and food must be paid for with coupons, that can be purchased at the office for cash only.Bring your quarters for the cakewalk.Green and red burritos are $3 each, bean burritos are $2 ; posole are $3 or $5 , popcorn is 50 cents or $1;popcorn balls, candy apples, water, hot chocolate and sodas are $1; nachos are $2 and nachos grande are $3;the cakewalk costs one quarter and the Jumping Castle, Haunted House and games are $1 each, per trip.

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