Vote will choose three of five running for Superior Council Michael Alonzo, New candidate

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What do you see as economic development opportunities for Superior?

My vision would depend on what our current economic growth plan consists of. There needs to be a structured approach. How closely is our local government working with our Chamber in developing pro-business initiatives? I think we could capitalize on our surrounding community enterprises. We need to also look at leadership development programs to train new economic community development leaders. Our local leaders can recognize opportunities on how to help and sustain current business owners’ needs, as well as recruiting new businesses. We should continue with the events and showing the beauty we have out here. For us to really promote our scenery, the eyesore of trash defeats what we’re doing out here.

How will you help to get all the local groups and school district to work together for a common vision? Do you feel there is a common vision amongst the groups and the Town?

I don’t often hear of the town working in parallel with the district. I need to understand what the current missions of the local groups are. I would consider cradle-to-career program to align our resources. I feel all the groups are striving to do what’s best for the town. If we worked as a partnership and worked toward a common vision, there could be one.

What do you feel needs to be done to ensure that Superior residents are safe and have access to police and fire services?

Are we receiving the level of police service while functioning at a lesser budget? I don’t think so. I’m sure the morale is down with people talking about cutting the department. We need to figure out what can be done to provide the superior level of service for the allowable allocated funding. I would like to see the facts and the hard numbers about what the Sheriff and our police department have to offer. I think a lot of these decisions are being conducting behind closed doors and in executive sessions. The fire department relies heavily on volunteers, and we’ve built a solid reserve program. With the budget constraints, they’re paying for their own training.

Do you support the Council’s recent decision to terminate the Mutual Benefits Agreement and discontinue unqualified support for the Southeast Arizona Land Exchange? How do you feel this decision will affect the Town and the Legislation?

No. I feel like it was poorly handled. There was a lot of opportunity for this to come up during a meeting, and it wasn’t a discussion. It would have been a good thing to bring up when discussing finances. I feel we should have exhausted all options before making this decision. Was there an attempt to revisit the agreement so that it would be favorable for us? With communication, we could have come up with an agreement to benefit both parties. It’s going to affect our town departments and business, as well as our relationship with Resolution.

If you are elected, what would you like to see accomplished in Superior over your term?

I’d like to see the town establish short- and long-term strategic goals. We’re addressing issues as they rise and we don’t have a focused plan on where we want to be next year and how to get there. Everyone has a lot of good ideas. I will do my best with integrity to provide for the community members.

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