Two sides to every story

At a recent Town Council Meeting Councilwoman Frances Wickham made some ridiculous statements during council comments. First she accused the Police Department of throwing her agendas on the ground at her home. I guarantee and assure you this is simply not true. When I heard this complaint I spoke to the officer who advised that he was not able to get to the back door due to the secured fencing, so he left her agenda as always on her vehicle windshield. The officer also said he was not able to get to the side door as well, because it was blocked by several items. The officer was shocked that Councilwoman Wickham would even make a false claim against him. I believe my officer and stand by him, this is nothing more than a cheap shot at the Mammoth Police Department by Councilwoman Wickham.

The other comment made by Councilwoman Wickham was about her not knowing the officers and it seemed like a revolving door. Yes Officers have been let go, did not make probation, left to other agencies for higher pay, left to other agencies for the higher call load, had their certification revoked by AZ Post, or left for personal reasons. When we had employee issues, Councilwoman Wickham was briefed on the situations and said she supported my decisions and stood behind me. Councilwoman Wickham supported me as Police Chief, and always supported the Mammoth Police Department. Frances Wickham voted for me as Police Chief, and praised me and my department several times at different meetings. At the last Council meeting Francis Wickham pointed at my officer wanting to know who he was. I knew she met this officer 2-3 times prior according to the same officer and the Police Commissioner. My response to Councilwoman Wickham was maybe if you came to the office more you would know my employees. I told her the officer’s name and again repeated myself about the lack of her coming around the Police Department. Councilwoman WIckham used to come to my office or talk to me on a weekly basis. When Frances Wickham was demoted she stopped coming around and began to attack like Councilman Joe Brewer.

Prior to Councilwoman Wickham’s demotion I saw a change in her not trusting employees. These same employees that she would bad mouth were the same employees who voted her into office and believed in her. The Town Manager Patsy Large would make the list as well with Councilwoman Wickham calling special meetings at the community center wanting information about the Town Manager. Wickham would ask me questions about Patsy Large or make accusations, which I denied and had no clue what she was talking about with the Police Commissioner as my witness. I did support Frances Wickham and did say if one goes down we all go down. At her demotion she turned this into a negative comment against me. Frances Wickham Knew exactly what this comment meant and agreed with me. This was a positive comment because we were all a team and worked hard as a team. We went through so much to try and make a difference in Mammoth. It was surprising when Frances, along with Brewer, turned on us. These two council members always seem to attack the Department Heads, the Town Manager, or Town Council. These two council members are teaming up with others from out of state, who have also attacked us in the newspapers or at the Council Meetings. Former Vice Mayor Frances Wickham has attacked the local businesses by saying not to buy food or hardware from them because they were not supporters. Wickham has accused a local business for making money and profit off the food bank She has also accused an employee’s family members of stealing at the food bank, saying they are selling the food at local concession stands. I have been a loyal employee with the Mammoth Police Department for fifteen years. My wife and I made the town of Mammoth our home. Mammoth has been a great place to live and raise our four children. I see the good things Mayor Barcelo is trying to do in our town. The Mayor spends a large amount of time after his regular work days supporting the local businesses, trying to bring in new businesses, or overseeing Public Works and Police projects. The Mayor talks to the employees and the citizens because he cars. Vice Mayor Medina, Councilman Romero, Councilman Gallego, and Police Commissioner Juan Barcelo are also a big part what goes on in our town, and care about the employees and citizens. During my daily patrols I see the other two council members involved with the recall committee around town, rather than what’s going on in the Police Department, Town Hall, or Public Works. They should spend their time making the Town of Mammoth successful and profitable, instead of focusing on negativity and not working as a team.

/s/ Chief Marty McIntosh

Mammoth Police Department

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