Town resident frustrated at lack of communication

This is in response to the recent article written by Aja DeZeeuu, regarding issues within the Superior Town Council.

I, too, feel that the lingering frustration, confusion, and constant attempt to keep Superior residents ignorant of what is really going on with the council. Secrecy is a major theme within Town Council and with their legal adviser.

Another observation is that our current council does not appear to work well as a group. It’s almost always four members against three members. It is up to the residents of Superior to effect the changes needed. This can only be accomplished through more in-depth study of each candidate running for a council seat.

Education of the concerns noted has to be presented to the Superior people. Then, the promotion of becoming a registered voter needs to be done by public education of the pros and cons of having a voice in the selection of the people who will govern the town. Finally, we also have the power of recall, which is necessary on some occasions where all else fails.

I want to comment on the attitude and statements made by some council members, and made much too often, that they “speak for Superior” or that they have “acted on the behalf of Superior residents”. My body runs cold, while my blood is boiling, each and every time I hear it. Unfortunately, it happens to be further from the truth, much more often, than the council knows.

This present council does not speak for me nor do they represent me. When an important issue comes up that affects Superior and the surrounding communities, for many years to come, how can four members, a questionable Town Attorney, and a few community members who have their own agendas and who have to recruit outside groups to support them, not only think, but, claim they are speaking for me and my best interests?

Why isn’t the council doing unbiased polling, surveys, etc? As long as this Resolution Copper issue has been present, they have had all the time they need.

They have no money for paper, ink, postage or anything else for that matter, including funding for the council members who have traveled to our nation’s capital for five to seven days. Again, let me make it very clear, Ms. Penalta, Mr. Aguilar, Ms. Hansen and Mr. Tomerlin: you do not represent me, in any way, shape or form, ever. In fact, you are a full 180-degrees from me or anything I think, or feel, or stand for.

Finally, for anyone reading this letter, I wonder if the council is okay with being just a “voice in the head” of their chosen attorney? If so, then it is obvious why they are supported by groups, not just from Superior, but, other communities.

Please, people, realize this whole act performed over the last three and a half months has been a shell game; all smoke and mirrors. Do not fall for their double talk, warnings or the fears that they have tried to install in local residents and outlying communities. Refuse to be puppets, and refuse to be manipulated. Think and research for yourselves.

The common themes in those who oppose Resolution are the need to feel important, they desire power and control over everything and everyone, they feel less than, and they seem to be vindictive – possibly from wrongs created years ago. They seem to be knowledgeable in all they speak and do, but, believe this, it’s all smoke and mirrors, a shell game, and in all honesty, it’s nothing more than a money and politics game. Don’t be fooled. Think for yourselves, from your own heart and mind. Don’t follow those who cannot follow themselves.

We have a council member who states, over and over, that he only votes how the man, who hears voices, Attorney Grover, tells him to. This is absolutely sad, a leader doesn’t or can’t think and vote for himself. That, Mr. Aguilar, is not what leaders are; and it should not be tolerated by any thinking person.

It’s time for change, Superior. We have an opportunity to have employment for 40 years, a way to rebuild our town, which has been long neglected.

The past presidential election had economy and creating jobs as a major focal point. Is anyone in Superior government aware of that? How about the “fatal four” who have destroyed our future? Think about it.

/s/ Sandra Irwin

Superior, AZ

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