The Republican Party has a problem

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Dear Editor,

“You can fool some of the people all of the time, and all of the people some of the time, but you cannot fool all of the people all of the time” Abraham Lincoln

The Republican Party has a problem. Repeat a lie often enough and for many whose only source of news is Fox, Limbaugh and the like, it becomes the truth. So many lies and misinformation peddled by the political right!

I don’t even know what the Republicans stand for as a party these days but I do know where the Democrats stand. The same Democratic Party that gave us Social Security and Medicare has succeeded in passing “Obamacare”, the Affordable Care Act, to make sure that pre-existing conditions and high premiums don’t prevent American from receiving good, affordable medical care.

Every Democrat I know is willing to fight (and eager to vote) to preserve the social safety net that prevents the devastation American would face without those programs. Imagine where we’d be now had President Bush been successful in privatizing Social Security just before the big crash!

Wall Street would have made off with even more of our community treasure! When it comes to health-care reform and protecting Medicare and Social Security, President Obama and the Democrats were spurred not by hatred or fear, but by a willingness to take on special interests and fight against the insurance companies whose profits came at the expense of the lives of consumers.

This is the same Democratic Party that is committed to public education and fighting for living wages and safe environments for workers.

The Republican Party has a problem. Repeat a lie often enough and you just might get yourself elected – unless your leader’s on video accusing 47 percent of the population of being unpatriotic. Maybe this election will serve as a reminder for all those who forgot about compassionate conservatism on their way to the tea party!


 /s/Linda S. Lang

Queen Valley, AZ

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