The Dry Heat

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The Republican gubernatorial primary is off and running and it seems that all the candidates are trying to convince the voting public that they are more right wing than their opponents and will stand up against that black man in the White House. A few candidates have dropped out of the race but there are six that still believe they can be the next governor. This is how I see the race:

Doug Ducey is currently the state treasurer and a former CEO of Cold Stone Creamery ice cream franchises. Al Melvin, the former Arizona senator from district 26 recently dropped out of the governor’s race. He has endorsed Ducey which I thought would be the kiss of death for Ducey’s campaign however Ducey is receiving lots of outside money. Jim Click is also a major backer of Ducey. Ducey currently has the largest campaign war chest of all the candidates with Christine Jones slightly behind. There is no truth to the rumor that as a payback for Melvin’s endorsement, he is having a Cold Stone Creamery flavor named after him. It was supposed to be called Al’s Border Solution Dream, extra white vanilla and Mexican chocolate separated by a wall of nuts, or was that walnuts?

Christine Jones is an attorney and former executive of GoDaddy the internet domain and web hosting company. She has raised over two million in campaign funds although almost half was her own money. The GoDaddy girl has latched on to a sugar daddy, by that I mean Pinal County Sheriff Paul Babeu. He has given her his endorsement which gives her credibility with hard core conservatives. Something she needs as her opponents are letting the voters know that she once made comments in support of Hillary Clinton. Jones promises to build a border fence which must make Sheriff Paul smile. Babeu has also set up two Political Action Committees (PACs) to raise funds for his state and national candidates of choice. Look for her to get needed funding from this source and if she is elected, Babeu may be the next head of DPS or become the first Republican Border Czar in the State of Arizona.

Andy Thomas, what can you say about Andy Thomas? Disbarred attorney, disgraced the Maricopa County Attorney’s Office, unethical behavior, and abused his power, Joe Arpaio’s partner in crime. Yep, sounds like Arizona Governor material to me! Go away Thomas. You will not be elected governor. Just go away!

Next week: Ken Bennett, Frank Riggs, and Scott Smith.

Author’s Note:

I have been given the opportunity to express my opinion and viewpoints on politics, national, state, and local issues as well as life in general. I hope to inform you as well as entertain you, make you smile or make you mad. I will use humor, sarcasm and occasionally anger to express my views. My intention is to hold politicians accountable sometimes bringing some heat on them and if my views make you angry or hot, remember that like my humor, it is a dry heat. These opinions are entirely my own and do not reflect the views of Copper Area News Publishers.

John Hernandez (147 Posts)

John Hernandez lives in Oracle. He is retired and enjoys writing and traveling. He is active in the Oracle Historical Society. He covers numerous public events, researches historical features and writes business/artist profiles.

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