Superior resident asks the council why

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I feel it strange that a town council in a depressed community would vote to suppress or eliminate thousands of good paying jobs. Would any other town council, in a depressed area, turn down all those good paying jobs for their neighbors?

It’s strange that they would try to eliminate chances for Superior to become a vibrant community, again, by punishing so many taxpayers. Then, they voted to send a delegation to Washington D.C.

It’s strange that a Native American tribe located 50 miles from a site can have any influence on a land exchange. How far is their range of influence: 50, 100 or 200 miles? Are there places that don’t come within range? Would the tribe take one of us seriously, if we interfered with a proposal on their land?

It’s strange that if the council wants an agreement describing a new resolution that would help them financially, they don’t say so publicly. How would we benefit from a resolution if it’s not operating?

It’s strange that the council can hold a meeting and refuse to allow public input. One council member went so far as to state that there would be police involvement if anyone tried to speak!

Wow! Stalin would have been proud of these circumstances. The only thing missing was the applause sign, telling us when to clap.

Strange there is so much concern about a non-American company making a profit. It’s okay to buy from Wal-Mart and support the Chinese workers or buy Japanese cars, but, it’s not all right to support local workers.

Is it strange that they cannot tell us all the facts because it might scare us? Is it that they are so much more informed than us that the public is treated like children? The council didn’t seem to care that the public they promised to help have lost, will lose, or never have had those good paying jobs.

These people aren’t children. They are full grown adults that like Superior and want to earn a nice salary so that they can support their families.

In fairness, three council members excused themselves and didn’t vote.

/s/ John Ellison


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