Senator Sinema – A Leader Arizona Can Count On

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COVID-19 has turned our world upside down, we all understand that life as we knew it, will never be the same.  There is not one community across Arizona, the United States of America and even the World, that has not been affected by this ruthless pandemic.  In these times of crisis and great uncertainty everyone needs strong, consistent and concise leadership. These trying times call for leaders who are looking out for their constituents, leaders who can lead with facts while showing empathy for everyone affected.

  Sen. Kyrsten Sinema has provided the clear leadership that is desperately needed to help our communities navigate this crisis.  Her caseworkers consistently check in with local elected officials and other constituents to ensure that Arizonan’s do not lost in the shuffle.  When the shelves on our grocery stores in rural Arizona were not being filled, she and her staff helped to find solutions.  When local businesses in the Copper Corridor were not receiving answers on their Paycheck Protection Program loans and other SBA related programs, she and her staff followed up, once again making sure that we were not left behind.

  Her weekly calls with Mayors and County Supervisors are important to my weekly schedule, these calls have provided me and other local leaders with clear understanding  and most importantly she is listening to our concerns and fighting for every Arizona city and town to ensure that we receive the support we need.

  What is most appreciated is her willingness to work across the aisle, finding solutions and her fearless honesty.  These are all qualities that have made leading my local community much easier.

  Prior to the COVID-19 Pandemic, I have had the opportunity to meet with Senator Sinema twice, regarding complex issues affecting Superior.  Her focus and attention to detail is impeccable, she is concerned for everyone in Arizona.  She understands and leads with balance, for Arizona to maintain a strong and healthy economy, we must have strong and healthy communities.

  We are fortunate in the Copper Corridor (Congressional District 1) to also have the leadership of Rep. Tom O’Halleran.  He has also been supportive and effective in ensuring our communities have what we need.  He knows the complexities of our needs in the Copper Corridor and his staff is always accessible.  

  As we continue to navigate these challenging times in our Communities, State and Nation, it is important that we have leaders who are truly willing to work for the people, leaders who will listen and leaders who actually engage with their constituents and fellow leaders.  

/s/ Mila Besich

Mayor, Town of Superior

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