Self-Healing: How to Tan Your Baby

This radical sounding data comes from a 1931 US Dept of Labor pamphlet entitled “Sunlight for Babies”.

The pamphlet states, “Every mother who wishes her baby to have robust health should give him regular sun baths from early infancy until he is old enough to play in the sun himself.”

It goes on to say that, “If a nursing mother gets plenty of sunshine her milk will help protect her baby from rickets.”

This sounds crazy after our 40 plus years of sun-avoidance propaganda. However, recent research shows they were on to something big.

Most know Vitamin D is the “sunshine vitamin”, and is made when cholesterol in the oil in our skin interacts with UV light, mainly UVB rays. The Vitamin D produced in this natural manner is water soluble and moves freely through the body. It is also tied to sulfur, which is then oxidized by the light, making a “sulfate” form.

It turns out the cholesterol sulfate created is vital for heart health. If it is not created by sun on skin, LDL cholesterol must enter arterial plaque and attempt to make it there.

More findings show sulfate deficiency reduces the brains ability to eliminate heavy metals and other toxins.

To make matters worse, aluminum (found in most sunscreens) disrupts the pineal gland to further this process, reducing melatonin and allowing a greater heavy metal load with resulting neurological problems.

With the three A’s of Autism, Asthma, and Auto-immunity affecting our children in every greater amounts, it is time to reconsider our “run from the sun” promotions.

Dr. Huntington practices Chiropractic, Biomedical Acupuncture and Physiotherapy in Oracle, Az. 520-896-9844

John Huntington (8 Posts)

John Huntington is a local business owner in Oracle. He is a chiropractor with many years in the community. He writes a health related article in Pinal Nugget.

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