RICO funds important for youth activities

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The Pinal County Juvenile Court Community Advisory Board (CAB) represent a group of volunteers who work with the courts to help evaluate and enhance services to young people. 

  The common interest is to ensure that Juvenile Court practices continue to reflect the best interests of youth, families, victims and the community.  The group does this through a variety of volunteer based programming and special events. 

  The work of the CAB advocates for the best interests of youth, families, victims and our community.  CAB builds character in our youth, holds them accountable, provides mentoring to make positive and healthy life choices. 

  We help youth in Pinal County understand restorative approach through positive consequences, promote important social skills, build their self-confidence and self-image, all of which is needed to take on the many challenges that life promises. 

  As a volunteer group, we rely on community donations.  RICO funds from the Pinal County Sheriff’s Office, County Attorney’s Office and Casa Grande Police Department has helped with our many activities.  There is NO better use of seized criminal money than for this purpose. 

  In fact, over the past several years, our group has received statewide recognition from the Arizona Chief Justice of Supreme Court and the Governor’s Office of Volunteerism.  It is without a doubt that we received such high honors because we had community support and financial funding from RICO grants.

  We sincerely appreciate and support the use of RICO funds for youth activities in Pinal County because we see the good things it allows volunteers like us accomplish.


/s/ Debra Martinez—Chair, Mammoth

/s/ Yolanda Ewing, Superior

/s/ Carson McWilliams, Florence

/s/ Steve Sekrecki, Casa Grande

/s/ Manuel Ruiz, Superior

/s/ Trudy Keenan, San Tan Valley

/s/ Carmen Duarte, Eloy

/s/ Linda Bakker, Gold Canyon

/s/ Audrey Longstreet, San Tan Valley

/s/ Roy Edwards, Casa Grande

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