Reader sets facts straight about Mammoth government

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Facts about Mammoth Town Government:

Police Department:

Since the police department was taken over by Police Commissioner Juan Barcelo and Chief McIntosh, at least 10 officers have been fired or forced to resign. Four dispatchers have resigned.

The Commissioner and the Chief care nothing about the life of these people and the hardships they have caused them. All they want is someone to do their bidding, right or wrong. If the officers refuse, then they are gone. Chief McIntosh should not even be an officer, having found to be untruthful during a polygraph test.

Hiring Practices:

The Town Manager/Clerk was hired because she was working with the Barcelos during last recall. The Mayor’s daughter was hired because she was the most qualified for the job. According to who? Four others were hired in the Public Works Department, that are related to the Barcelos. The Librarian is related to the Town Manager. That is six people related to the Barcelos and/or the Town Manager.

They claim that no one in this town was qualified for the positions. What do they mean by qualifications? Do they mean family ties or nepotism? The Public Works Director was given his job and introduced to the town employees as their new boss way before the position was advertised in the paper.

Article in the Miner, 5/9/2012, Letter to the Editor: Dispelling Mammoth Rumors: By Alvaro and Juan Barcelo, now the Mayor and Police Commissioner:

The article was about how you, the people of Mammoth, deserved better and how they were going to set things right.

1. The clerk didn’t feel she had to answer to all the Council Members and when she was questioned, she felt harassed. I have a memo from our current Manager (clerk), saying that I was threatening her. No change.

2. The agenda was made out by the Mayor and Clerk. Now, members of the Council submit items for the agenda and the Mayor refuses to put them on the agenda. No change.

3. Check with the Copper Corridor Economic Development Coalition and you’ll find the Mayor hasn’t attended in over a year. Has that changed? Ha!

4.As a taxpayer, you have the right to expect transparency, to be kept informed and to have a say in your town’s future. One of the first things they did was to close the town’s website. That is what they call transparency.

5. Lack of integrity and decorum, and very few answers to citizens about expenditures, hiring and firing and who got contracts to work on town projects. Integrity: well, there is none. HIring and firing is done by the clique. That is the reason so many family members work for the town. As far as contracts and procurement goes, well, if you ask questions in a meeting about contracts and procurement procedures you end up in court on harassment charges.

The Public Works Director, the Town Manager and the Barcelos think they can cuss, intimidate and threaten town citizens and elected officials, and, nothing will happen. Something is happening!

The Puppet Master:
All these things happened because the puppet master directed them. What does he have on the Barcelos?

1. He hired the Public Works Director.

2. He hired a Grant Writer, but, let her go because she wouldn’t listen to him. She wanted to write grants on the full counsel’s decisions. They didn’t even have the decency to tell her that she was replaced.

3. He purchased the building on Highway 77, told everyone that chain restaurants were waiting to move in. It is still empty.

4. The puppet master called different women in town and asked them to start up a new Senior Citizen’s Group, promising rewards. Why? Because he didn’t want our ex- Vice Mayor in charge of the Seniors.

5. Saying that he tells the Mexican people how to vote! No respect for you at all; thinks that you can’t vote your own will.

6. The Puppet Master does all this in secret meetings, behind closed doors, so he will not be caught up in all the illegalities. When people are answering to investigators, he thinks he will be in the clear and the puppets will be the ones going to jail.
Recall Election:

Yes, there is another recall on the way. The petitions are circulating now. The three being recalled are the Mayor Alvaro Barcelo, Councilman and Police Commissioner Juan Barcelo, and Vice Mayor Regina Medina. These people have threatened and intimidated the citizens of the Town of Mammoth, and, openly and willingly violated many open meeting laws.

I know that you, the people of Mammoth, should not be treated the way your Town Government is treating you.

The Mayor and the Town Manager refuse to give copies of receipts, on any and all expenditures, to the Town Council; yet, they claim we are the keepers of the purse.

I have said, from day one, that this town belongs to you, the people and that you have the right to ask questions during any part of the meeting.

All Council members swear an oath to abide by the town ordinances, but, the Mayor and his hand-picked puppets refuse to let you participate in the meetings. The majority of the time, the Mayor won’t let me talk. The Chief of Police put that in the paper so you know it’s true. Heck! He wouldn’t tell a lie

I, for one, am tired of them threatening, bullying and intimidating the people of this town. There is a time for action and the time is now! Sign the recall petitions and get rid of the corrupt individuals who believe that you are not smart enough to vote your own mind.
/s/ Joseph S. Brewer

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