PRFR numbers for tax estimates given incorrectly

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In his comment about my Letter to the Editor on August 13, 2014, James Hodl still appears to be confused about how to calculate the expected taxes for the proposed Pinal Rural Fire Rescue and Medical District (PRFR&MD). The most accurate approach is what I outlined using the rightmost column of the impact statement for each parcel. That is, take the Primary Net Assessed value given in this column and multiple it by 3%. The correctness of this calculation of taxes that I presented verbally and in a handout was confirmed in an email to me on 8/11/14 from Steve Turcotte in which he stated “You are correct in your calculations using the figures on the far right column of the spreadsheet as your base assessment.”

Supervisor Todd House suggested that the Full Cash Value could be used to calculate the potential taxes if it were multiplied by 10% to give an estimate of the Primary Net Assessed Value. This amount could then be multiplied by 3% to give the tax amount. First, the Primary Net Assessed values I used were already multiplied by percentage rate making a second multiplication by 10% as Todd House suggested incorrect. Second, his approach is more approximate than what I recommended (the actual rate on our two parcels is not 10% but 10.6% and 16.0%) and these differences are reflected in the value in the rightmost column.

Unfortunately, in addition the examples in the PRFR&MD impact statement incorrectly suggest using the Secondary Net Assessment value (second column from the right), a value which has already been multiplied by around 10%. For their method, they should instead suggest using the Full Cash Value (fourth column from the right), which is about ten times higher, before first multiplying by 10%, and then by 3%.

In other words, the numbers that I gave for the amount of property taxes and the potential increase in the property taxes of 32.4% are correct. Todd House was wrong in his estimate of what the taxes would be and fittingly at the Board of Supervisors meeting he would not guarantee to me that his claim that the taxes would be 1/10 of what I had calculated. It should be clear that the increase in taxes from the proposed district will be substantial and will increase our property taxes by nearly one-third. The grossly incorrect calculations of property taxes suggested by the supporters of PRFR&MD makes me concerned that many other statements by them might also be incorrect.

/s/ Phil Hedrick


Editor’s Note: Copper Area News writer James Hodl used the property tax estimates that were presented to the Pinal County Board of Supervisors by Pinal Rural Fire Rescue because they were part of the official record of the meeting and the impact statement. The group has a year to gather signatures in favor of the new district and it’s voices like Mr. Hedrick’s that will provide counterpoints to the issue. We at Copper Area News appreciate differing viewpoints and invite others to participate in the community discussion. ~JRC

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