Poor rhetoric leads to disbelief from long-time resident

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After reading the letter about the County Attorney Race from Mr. Fujimoto, who identified himself only as being from “Pinal County,” I would like to have him answer a few more questions about himself before he can tell us in the Miner’s area how we ought to vote. As I taught in English Composition classes for 30 years: one needs three parts to any message:

(1) THE MESSAGE (that Walsh has no experience “prosecuting; that prosecuting is the most important job of a County Attorney): Apparently, Fujimoto has come to this laughable conclusion without researching Walsh’s record. If he had, he would find Walsh has been a COUNTY ATTORNEY for years in PINAL County, unlike his opponent who has been ONLY a prosecutor in MARICOPA County. AND I’m sure he didn’t know, or dismissed the fact, that Walsh was an assistant STATE ATTORNEY GENERAL for years before becoming County Attorney.

(2) THE AUDIENCE (apparently, anyone who respects the Pinal County Sheriff more than the Pinal County Attorney): I wonder how much respect Fujimoto will find after all the publicity-seeking and downright awful things that have been led by this sheriff? Better find out who your audience respects before attempting to persuade them, Fujimoto.

(3) THE MESSAGE DELIVERER: Fujimoto has experience, he says, in finance. All that he seems to know about Walsh is what Walsh said in a debate that is online. From that, he picks a line or two. The rest of the information he has is from Walsh’s opponent. For all we know, he is working for the Babeu/Voyles campaign. We cannot believe the message until we know whether this writer knows more than we do about the issue he is proposing. I have emailed him these questions. I doubt that he will reply, but it is worth considering what the answer would be before voting against our VERY experienced County Attorney, who, unlike the sheriff, has had no controversy surrounding his many years in public office at the State and Local levels.

Let’s not let party politics deprive us of one of our best County Officials.

Who are you and why are you messing in Pinal County politics? Do you have any experience in any field related to law? What are your connections to Voyles? To the tea party groups? To the Republican party in Arizona? Where do you live? For how long have you lived there?

I find your letter incredible and am trying to figure out why you wrote it.

/s/ Evaline Auerbach

Resident of Oracle for 36 years


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