Pastor’s Corner – The reason for the season

By Rev. Dennis Van Gorp Family Life Christian Center

There is a reason for this season.Out of His great love for each of us; God sent His Son, He called Him Jesus.From a miracle beginning with a miraculous life to a miracle resurrection; there is no happy holiday without the Christ child.

We celebrate by giving gifts to each other.Two thousand years ago, God gave us His very best gift, His own Son Jesus.The Son of God came to live among us and experience life as we know it.When we make the excuse that no one understands what we are going through, Jesus does because He lived it.

God cared enough to send us a Savior.Why do we need a Savior?Because our lives are always messed up and overly complicated by selfishness.Things like:greed, lust, hatred, anger, unforgiveness, disobedience, ignoring God’s laws, ignoring God, unloving and many other life problems.

Mary listened as the shepherds told of the glorious angelic choir that sang to them.She considered carefully the thoughts of the wisemen who had traveled from a far distant country to see and worship the Christ child.She and Joseph obeyed when the angel said, “Run!The king is angry and will attempt to kill the young child.”

At the end of His human life, Jesus conquered death, hell and the grave in order to give us a new life.He did this because of His great love for us.No other religious leader ever told their followers how much they loved them.But Jesus sure did – repeatedly.

This season, as we look into our unknown future; give God a chance in your life.Ask Him to live in your heart and guide you in a new way of life.Put your trust in Him and have faith that He will tenderly love you and guide you into all heavenly truth.

You will find no joy in xmas or the holidays.It is only found in Christmas!May the eternal and loving Lord Jesus Christ bless you and fill you with joy as you celebrate this Christmas season!

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