Pastor’s Corner: Sleeping Birds

By Fred Patterson

Pastor, Oracle Church of Christ

Special to the Crier

Did you ever wonder why birds can sit on a branch and sleep without falling off? Are they just half asleep, but really paying attention to their balance? Do they hang on all night by subconsciously tensing their leg muscles? If so, wouldn’t they get leg cramps?

Birds can sleep without falling because of their knees. When a bird settles down to sleep, it bends its knees. When those knees bend, a tendon in its leg pulls on its talons, causing them to grip the branch. It’s not the conscious act of tensing a muscle; the tendon is like a piano wire that pulls those talons together whenever the knee is bent.

We believe that God made birds …and people. And just as bent knees keep birds from falling, our bent knees can keep us from falling.

Let’s bend those knees; God is listening.

We’re the Church of Christ, meeting in that little white building across from Mountain Vista School in Oracle: 2425 El Paseo.

Visit us Sundays for Bible study at 10 a.m. and worship at 11 a.m.

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