Pastor’s Corner: Imagine a Prophet’s Profit

Joe Palmer

Fellowship Baptist Church

I was in a hospital waiting room today watching a lottery drawing taking place in Chicago, and the thought crossed my mind, as it often has, that if I could but see an hour into the future I could be enormously rich. But as it goes, I can’t see a second beyond the present, and I know of no one who can.

Last week I mentioned that a line of evidence for the veracity of the Bible is that it has elements which cannot be explained in terms of a human cause. The primary examples of such elements are prophecies of distant future events which have come true. Anyone who has spent any time reading the Bible carefully will tell you that it is filled with statements about the future. Did the Bible actually foretell the future and hit the “lotto”? William Foxwell Albright, a highly respected scholar from Johns Hopkins University said this, “I now insist much more vigorously on the pattern of prophetic thinking which made the Prophets such successful predictors of the course of history. I continue to maintain the corollary of that pattern: the prophetic message was validated in part by the truth of its predictions, and there are very few biblical prophecies which failed to be confirmed. There seems to be hardly a single ‘prophecy after the event’ in the whole extant prophetic literature of Israel, …” (From The Stone Age to Christianity, 2nd Edition, 1957, p.3).

How are we to explain this phenomenon apart from the intervention of an intelligence greater than humans and in control of history? I think we have no choice but to admit that God has communicated to us through the Bible. What do you think?

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Joe Palmer is the pastor of Fellowship Baptist Church in Kearny. He is happily married with three terrific children and two adoring dachshunds. He is of the very firm opinion that God exists, that the Bible is true, and that God in the person of Jesus Christ has saved him from his sin and prepared a place for him in paradise. His firm opinion is a long studied opinion held with happy confidence, and so, though by nature a bit high-strung and timid, he looks to his future with a joy and happy expectation which makes him largely unafraid of anything or any circumstance. The worse thing that can happen to him is that he can die, and the best thing that can happen to him is that he can die. Everything else is a detail which God will work out for his best. His ambitions revolve around reconciling people to God through Jesus Christ. This he attempts to do by declaring in appropriate ways that God is purely good and that He is the source of all of our joy and happiness. There is nothing about God one would not like, and He is our only hope. Joe is over-weight, out of shape, and as old as the town of Kearny; but he has a peace which surpasses understanding, and such peace makes this middle class American very rich indeed!

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