Pastor’s Corner: A Reason to Shake-off the Boredom

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By Joe Palmer Pastor, Fellowship Baptist Church

“A man is coming!
“ “Christmas is coming!” These are two declarations with related expectations. The plot of the Bible can be roughly delineated as: “A man is coming; that man came, and he will come again.” And Christmas reminds us of that man’s first coming.

Do you look forward to Christmas? When you were a child you probably yearned for the day with dizzying hopes of gifts and food and fun. Perhaps, however, those expectations dimmed as you grew older. After you found out the truth about Santa, perhaps the magic of Christmas evaporated. Perhaps the very joy of living has ebbed away so that you are bored with it all. The lyrics of a morose song may strike a chord with you: “Tired Of This – Done With That – Never Satisfied With Where I’m At – I Sit And Think – What To Do – Just A ___ Bore – Without A Clue.”

To any of you who feel this way let me simply say – “A Man is coming!” He came once, and all of history is oriented to that event. The baby in the manger was no mere myth; He is a reality. God in human flesh, He was the well-disguised Maker of everything which exists (John 1:1-4). How do I know? His coming and His death to pay for our sin was foretold hundreds and even thousands of years in advance. The prophecies of Christ’s coming cannot be explained in terms of a human cause. God had spoken.

There is reason to rejoice. There is reason to shake-off the boredom of life. God loves you, and if you’ll let Him, He’ll give to you life now and life forevermore.

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