Pastor’s Corner

By Rev. Dennis Van Gorp Family Life Christian Center

In Isaiah 43, we read about Christians who go through a time of suffering. First of all, the Lord qualifies who He is talking to. He refers to those who have been redeemed and are called by His name.

There will be seasons in our lives when we pass through the waters, pass through the rivers or walk through the fires. Life is guaranteed to have storms, troubles and difficulties, but they are not to rule over us.

The Lord promises to be our protection and safety in all of these things. He will walk with us in the waters, the rivers will not be able to drown us nor will the fires burn us.

God never said that life would be easy. Some Christians, when sharing their faith, will tell you that Jesus will make your life easier. When a person accepts the Lord, they gain a new spiritual enemy who is angry and will do anything to slow or stop them. This creates new problems in our life.

The Psalmist, David, spoke these words:“Even though I walk through the valley of death, I will not have any fear, because God is walking with me, by my side.”

The Lord, the Holy One of Israel, our Savior, has declared:“You are precious and honored in my sight, I love you very much. Do not be afraid of what life brings, because I am with you.”

Trust in the Lord and do not depend on your own understanding. In all your ways, acknowledge Him and He will direct the pathway of your life! Amen!

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