Opinion: Councilman offers rebuttal

I was not going to respond to Chief McIntosh, because, we all know what is going to happen next: I get a free ride to Florence.

I never stated that I was intimidated. I said “they were trying to intimidate me.”

I do wear a shirt that reads ‘Tormentor’ on the front and “He who laughs last” on the back. Of course, he doesn’t remember why I had the shirt made up. The opposition sent out letters, in the mail, stating that I was tormenting my neighbors. What neighbor was I tormenting?

I was asked to leave a council meeting, but, you don’t mention why. I tried to exercise my right to vote; that is why I was asked to leave. When I was walking out, I said “Kangaroo court,” not “Monkey court.”

I do want to thank the chief for putting in print what I could not get anyone in the town government to say. The mayor has stopped me from speaking on various occasions, because, my comments might have been negative. The Attorney General’s office says that you cannot prevent a person from speaking, just because you don’t like what he is going to say.

I did go down to take pictures of the palm tree on top of the Town Hall complex. I thought those thing only happened in cartoons. What a way to pick dates.

I did not take all the credit for starting the neighborhood watch. In the meeting, I said that all I’ve done is start the neighborhood watch, which is true. Your officer, whom I have nothing but respect for, came on-board after I had collected the signatures. Every meeting of the neighborhood watch, I give him full credit and acknowledge all of his input.

Now, as far as the mayor coming in late, that is completely true. I did not schedule the meeting. IF they wanted the mayor at the meeting, maybe they should have scheduled it a little later.

Chief, I am willing to take a polygraph test on my statements. Are you?

/s/ Joseph S. Brewer

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