Open Letter to the Mammoth Council: Complaints lodged against Mammoth Public Works Director

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Dear Editor:

This letter was originally dated March 13, 2013 and was addressed to the Mammoth Town Council.

Formal complaint against David Garcia, Mammoth Public Works Director.

On Friday evening, after 5 pm, I was at the lumber yard, visiting with the proprietor about a weekend excursion to take place the next day. David Garcia and his daughter arrived and the topic of damages at the cemetery came up, after he received a phone call. He got upset, because he was told that the town would have to replace a saint that was damaged during a recent burial.

The name Ralph Lopez came up and that is when I asked Mr. Garcia what the damages were. He told me that it was none of my business. I informed him that my family plots were adjacent to those belonging to Ralph Lopez. At that time he became verbally aggressive, saying that he was tired of Mammoth people and used extremely foul language to express himself.

I told him that I have been here for 52 years and returned some of his sentiments back to him. At that time, his daughter put her head down and told her father that was going to go and sit in the car.

At that time, Mr. Garcia became even more verbally combative, and stated that he wanted me to notice the sidewalks that had been laid, and that some townspeople thought that they should have been done first. I informed him that some people have paid for their sidewalks, already, and, perhaps, that was why some people thought that they should be first in line.

Mr. Garcia stated that he had one friend in Mammoth he would believe in this. He asked who I was. I told him I was a cousin to his one friend. He became quiet and apologized. I’m unclear as to what he was sorry for: his behavior, disrespect of the dead, the people or his behavior toward me.

/s/ Joe Renteria

Written by Jacqueline Ells for Joe Renteria. Was written and recounted freely by us both.

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