‘Modest’ compensation?

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Thanks to the Miner and John Hernandez for reporting on Pete Rios’ statements about Bloom Dispensaries at the July 2 Pinal County Board of Supervisors meeting. The statements made by Supervisor Rios and the response by Bloom’s CEO indicate to me that this proposed dispensary operation is, at best, suspect as a legitimate medical establishment.

Bloom responded that handing out an eighth of an ounce of marijuana was a “modest” compensation for testifying at the meeting, given that a patient’s monthly allotment is 50 times that amount. In other words, a monthly allotment of the medicine they are offering to an individual patient would cost over $2000 and would amount to over four ounces. That’s a lot of reefer for one person to consume in a month, and certainly not affordable for the typical Pinal County patient.

Claiming that the handout was modest compensation is an invalid argument, especially for a medical establishment.

Comparing this compensation to political parties offering rides to the voting centers is also an invalid argument. No political party has ever paid me to vote, even if they offered me a ride. And certainly,I can think of no other medical lobby that would provide drugs in combination with a free ride to physically go somewhere to testify about a particular drug interest.

Bloom’s CEO needs to clear his head, and several of the other Pinal County Supervisors need to reconsider what sort of establishment they have inflicted upon the the community of Oracle.

/s/ Peter Else


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