Mammoth Mayor responds to accusations

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In reference to the July meeting where Councilman Brewer questions the Mayor’s behavior, I Mayor Barcelo would like to set the record straight on Councilman Brewer’s accusations

1. He questions the Mayor on not being able to question SW Gas rep. while making a presentation. The protocol is to allow the speaker to finish the presentation and not interrupt until the presentation is complete. Councilman Brewer insists on interrupting the speaker during the presentation. That is why I brought up to Councilman Brewer allow the speaker to finish then ask questions afterwards.

2. Asking why the police chief stepped down: First of all, personnel matters are not discussed in open meeting as Mr. Brewer does not understand and department heads are appointed every two years in July, which Mr. Brewer does not know that either.

3. Conflict of interest: Mr. Brewer stated that I was giving my daughter a raise when, in fact, raises were not discussed and no raises were being given this year. Mr. Brewer needs to know when to speak during the meetings and when the proper time is that the Council appoints the department heads. Mr. Brewer is the only councilman that complains about council actions and does not help council in any town business that we conduct. He was elected to perform these duties but has failed to do any town business. By his actions in the council he disgraces the office and duties that he was elected to perform. I, Mayor Barcelo, am very tired of babysitting Joe Brewer during all the Council Meetings. But I was appointed to perform the duties of Mayor and will have to continue to babysit because a recall would be too expensive for the Town./s/ Alvaro Barcelo

Mammoth Mayor

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