Make Your Election Day a Memorable One

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FLORENCE, Ariz. – Pinal County is less than a month away from 2012’s general election. A lot of offices are up for grabs this year – from President of the United States to local fire board members.

While a growing number of residents are using vote by mail or early voting, there are those who still enjoy the tradition of going to the polling place and selecting the candidate of their choice. One way of making this voting experience an easy and pleasant one is to follow all the rules when it comes to polling place activities.

“It seems like most people know the rules of conduct when it comes to the polling place,” said Elections Director Steve Kizer. “There have been some changes made by the state legislature that some people may not know when it comes to polling place activities.”

To start, Kizer recommended that everyone know where their polling place is located. To find local polling places visit (shortened URL), or call elections at (520) 866-7550. Polling location information is listed on the sample ballot that is mailed to each household.

Voter identification requirements are available at (shortened URL). Those voting by mail must sign the envelope containing the ballot. Signatures are required for verification against voter registration documents.

Arizona’s legislature modified the rules governing polling places to now allow voters to wear clothing with the name of their candidate or issue of choice. They can also bring in printed materials from their candidate or issue they are supporting. Voters are not allowed to distribute these materials to other voters inside the polling place.

“That was a modification made the by the legislature in the last session,” Kizer said. “But that does not mean people can actively electioneer other voters within a 75-foot limit. And by electioneer, this means talking to a person to influence or compel them to vote in a certain manner.”

Pinal County poll workers have worked with Kizer and his staff to keep up-to-date on the latest laws regarding voter identification, electioneering and effective management of the voting process.

“General elections like this upcoming one are considered our ‘super bowl’ for election officials,” Kizer said. “We thank the people that let us use their buildings for our polling places and we also thank the people who show up to the polls and respect this crucial part of our democracy.”

Pinal County has three offices open as early voting sites Mon. through Fri. the week of the election.

Florence County Complex, Building E-Voting Registration entrance (east side of the building just off Florence Street), 31 North Pinal Street (8 a.m. to 5 p.m.).

Casa Grande County Complex, 820 East Cottonwood Lane, Suite A-2 (8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.).

Apache Junction, Roy Hudson County Complex, 575 North Idaho Road, Suite 800 (8a.m. to 4:30 p.m.).

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