Letter to the Editor: Curis Copper Project

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Dear Editor:

Often people pay attention only when something is happening in their backyard; like the   Florence Copper Project (FCP).   The Governor, the State Land Commissioner, and some legislators think the only important things to consider are money that may be collected and, perhaps, a few jobs.  Ignored are the Town Council of Florence, Gila River Indian Community, Home Builders Association of Central Arizona, the Central Arizona Association of Governments, the Pinal Partnership, Johnson Utilities, and hundreds of residents who, for many reasons, oppose the permitting of this mine.

Sometimes what you don’t know can hurt you.  Do you know the potential costs to the State (that’s YOU) as a result of this mine being permitted?  Check this out:

1) Reimbursement to Florence taxpayers for the money expended to create the Town Plan that was mandated by the State.

2) If the town turns into a mining zone, the State may need to reimburse the homeowners in that area for any lowering of home values in the future.

3) Possible liability for any losses to citizens due to any accidents involving sulfuric acid and other chemicals on public or private property.

4) Possible liability for any lowering of water table or downgrading of water quality in the aquifers within the town limits and cleaning the water supply…if that is even possible.

5) Possible liability for any loss of bird life due to the toxic chemicals in the evaporation ponds, in accordance with the Federal Migratory Bird Act.

As a responsible citizen, you will carefully research all the facets of the FCP and what it means to you (regardless of where you live) and then contact the appropriate decision makers (Governor, ADEQ, EPA).  To paraphrase the poet Carl Sandburg, life (the FCP) is like an onion; you peel it off one layer at a time and at the end, you will weep.  Let’s not look forward with fear and back with regret.

/s/ Marilyn K. Callahan, Florence

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