Hosler announces candidacy for Kearny mayor

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Sam Hosler

By Sam Hosler

I am asking the people of Kearny to re-elect me as their mayor. My name, Sam Hosler, is on the ballot for the Primary Election which will take place Tuesday, Aug. 26.

Before the last election, a number of citizens of Kearny approached me and asked me to put my name forward as mayor. With the kind help of many people I was chosen mayor and took office.

Kearny has had a rocky path. The continuing rural recession, the Shipman Fire and the fire at Buzzy’s, the loss of The Bank of the West, and ASARCO’s management and labor still working without a contract – these and other things have made our lives difficult in Kearny.

Yet in all of this, the Town of Kearny has a balanced budget (the envy of some of our surrounding communities). We have a popular town manager in Anna Flores, a new town clerk in Cathy Woolery, and a revitalized public safety department with the assistance of Sergeant Dave Blue from Arizona’s Department of Public Safety, who is serving as our interim chief of police.

After seven years without any salary adjustments for the cost of living, we were able to provide small percentage increases to all town employees. With the help of ASARCO, Resolution Copper, Capstone, the Ray Federal Credit Union and many others, our swimming pool has stayed open and even increased the length of its season. By September, we should have a new chief of police.

In all this, the town council (which sets policy) and our town manager (who administers the town), have done the heavy lifting. I have tried to bring a positive influence, to make sure that productive dialogue takes place, the citizens are heard, and response is made to their needs.

For my part, I have also worked closely with Central Arizona Governments to help provide grants for our infrastructure, especially to benefit our water sources and the Kearny Town Lake, and I serve on the group that recently established a revolving loan fund to provide assistance to businesses and new business starts. I am working to provide better broadband services. The recent “Three Mayors” group (Kearny, Hayden, and Winkelman) is creating, with the help of the Copper Basin Chamber of Commerce, a flow of communications and support for all three towns.

There are many live issues right now. A way needs to be found to keep our golf course (a staple for townspeople and winter visitors) and provide it with water and a solid growth plan. The council continues to work on infrastructure, water issues and economic development. Although we have a very small tax base we have managed to avoid raising taxes. New business development would help all of us, with more employment and a larger economic base.

I have learned much, and I have built relationships with businesses and people in government who can help benefit our town. I want to continue working with the town council and town manager for a safe and prosperous community. Please make your voice known on primary election day, Tuesday, Aug. 26.

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