Happy Thanksgiving from some Copper Basin Kiddos!

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A very joyful and happy Thanksgiving to all from the mouths of our babes, clockwise from left, Jocelyn, Isabella, Rilley, Mason, Ashiya and Ashton. (Vicki Clark photo)

By Vicki Clark

Copper Basin News

Okay everybody, it’s that time of the year again (already) turkey time, gobble, gobble. And the star of the show, according to six Ray Elementary students is the turkey. The bird was the word when it came to listing favorites for the Thanksgiving feast.

But there were other thoughts and ideas concerning the holiday including the best way to get the turkey to the table.

Ashton Solis is a fourth grader in Mrs. Stuart’s class and is the son of Christy Sims and Juan Solis. He lives in Kearny with his Nana Samantha Solis.

He said we have Thanksgiving to celebrate family and the Pilgrims arrival. He will be celebrating in two places, first at his Grandma’s and then at his Aunt Roberta’s, but not both on the same day.

At each feast, his aunt and grandma will be cooking, but added he might help.

On the menu for both dinners will be roast turkey, stuffing, biscuits and mashed potatoes. His favorite is the turkey, but coming in second is pumpkin pie.

While dinner is cooking, Ashton will spend his time playing with his family outside, but offered his take on getting the bird on the table. First put it a crockpot and cook it to warm it up and then throw it in the oven at 350 degrees for about one or two hours.

Ashton is most thankful this Thanksgiving for having a house, family, food and water.

Ashiya Varley is the daughter of Teri Varley of Kearny and is a fourth grader in Mrs. Stuart’s class. Her take on the first Thanksgiving deals with the Indians and Pilgrims getting together and having a big feast.

She will be staying at home this year for the celebration with her mom, grandma and brother and will be helping with the cooking of the dinner. And also will be playing with her brother and cousin while dinner is being prepared.

Featured for dinner will be turkey, ham, mashed potatoes, pumpkin pie, and green bean casserole.

When asked for her recipe for cooking a turkey, she said, “Put it on a cookie sheet and stuff it, then put it in the oven at 350 degrees for like one hour.”

Ashiya is most thankful this season for family, her house and for not being poor.

Isabella Wernett is the daughter of Angela and Jason Wernett, is in the third grade and her teacher is Mrs. Camacho.

She said we celebrate Thanksgiving because, “To like remember the Pilgrims and Indians.”

She’s not really sure where she will be going for dinner, but thinks maybe her Nana’s and then her Grandma’s where probably all the family will be.

On the menu will be turkey, chicken, mashed potatoes and pie. She likes everything except the pie.

While Isabella plans on helping with dinner, she will also be playing with her cousins.

To cook the turkey she suggested that you should put it a crockpot, defrost it and then put it in the oven at 350 degrees for a 1,000 minutes or maybe 10, she’s not sure.

She’s thankful for a roof over her head, her family, her brothers, her dog and everything her family gives her and also for having food on the table and for everyone who takes care of her.

Mason Celis-York is in the third grade, his teacher is Mrs. Camacho and he is the son of Kerri and Justin Hune and Estevan Celis.

He said we celebrate Thanksgiving because of the Pilgrims and the Mayflower.

On Thanksgiving Day, he says, “Me and my Dad will be going hunting to get the feast and then we’re going to eat and then will be going to grandma’s. “

His Mom will be doing the cooking along with his grandma and aunts and he might help by gathering his friends to go to the store for the ingredients.

Turkey, steak, pumpkin pie with whipped cream and everything else will be on the table and he likes everything!!!

While dinner is cooking he probably will be playing with his cousins and maybe he’ll go to Queen Creek.

His recipe for the turkey includes defrosting it, then putting it in a pan that fits, popping it in the oven and waiting as long as it takes. But be sure to keep an eye on it and when it’s the right color, take it out and eat it.

Mason is most thankful this season for his parents, his house, his dog Cooper and his family, and stores so he can buy food, clothes and video games.

Rilley Sosa is also in the third grade. Her teacher is Ms. Bustamonte and she is the daughter of Nichole and Rick Sosa.

As far as why we celebrate Thanksgiving, she said she has no idea, but she likes it.

She thinks her family will be going to her Tio David’s and will probably stay for two days.

Her Tio David, her dad and sometimes her brothers will be cooking while she plans to either swim or play the Wii.

Turkey, chicken, potatoes, salad and pea salad will be served and she likes them all, but as far as pie goes, she said she “hates” pecan pie.

Her take on getting that turkey to the table includes taking the frozen bird and defrost it. Then put it in a crockpot or grill it. Wait ‘till the other food is ready, then take it out and eat it.

She is thankful for her family, her brothers and sisters, her cousins and for food. She is also thankful for everything her parents give her and added a footnote, love Rilley.

Jocelyn Gennicks is the daughter of Jeremiah and Felicia Gennicks and is in Mrs. Stuart’s fourth grade class.

According to Jocelyn we celebrate family at Thanksgiving and give thanks for food and stuff.

She thinks she’s going to her Grandma Donna’s for dinner or maybe staying home, she’s not sure, but she plans on helping her Mom with the cooking.

Ham, deviled eggs and pie will be served and her favorite is the deviled eggs.

During the day she will be playing outside with her sisters, watching TV and of course helping with dinner.

As far as that turkey is concerned she says you need to find one that is big enough, defrost it and put it in tin foil. Next you put it in the oven at 350 degrees for 10 minutes and then let it cool down while waiting for the other food. When all the food is ready, it’s time to eat.

This Thanksgiving she is most thankful for having a cat that kills bad insects, her house and food to eat. She also is thankful for being able to have a shower and to have a loving family.

So there you have it!! Have a safe and Happy Thanksgiving…gobble, gobble, gobblecious.

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