Georgie Digs…Nov. 28

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By Georgie Wood


After I had written in another article about keeping my Last Will and Testament up to date, I received an email from an acquaintance who commented that I had many more years of “Spitfire” left.

Knowing that I did not have a fiery temper, I hoped that the comment was meant to be a compliment, especially because of who it came from.

In an online discussion between my oldest daughter and others about categorizing people according to the right and left parts of their brains, my daughter stated that I liked math, liked (require) order and tedious planning, but I was also an artist and writer.

So, because I am ignorant about the brain subject, I wondered what category I should be included in because of these “traits” and because I like to save poems and other writings by people I know or have known.

Among those people was Albert C. Bittick of Dudleyvile who was a musician and song writer; Ben Headley Patten who had ranched in the Oracle/Mammoth area; and Ralph B. Lopez who had dedicated his poem “Bushmasters” to his father, Rafael Q. Lopez, of Hayden.

Of the writings by family members, my son, Neal Wood, had written a very touching poem after the death of Beryl Kent, family friend from Mammoth who had been a Pinal County Range Deputy, and after the 9-11 tragedy of the World Trade Center, Neal had written “Crumbled Stone” and dedicated it to the victims and their families, the survivors, the rescue personnel, and fellow Veterans and Americans.

My brother, Bill Kishbaugh of Dripping Springs, had written some really good poems about ranch life, and a poem I really got a kick out of had been written by my son-in-law, Jerry Cavanah, for Cliff’s and my 50th. Anniversary that he called “The Cowboy And The Pretty Girl”.

I do not want to save anything about politics, and I have learned (I think!) that I should be very careful about what I post on Facebook that might be misunderstood by others.

I had shared a quote that came from Astronomer Carl Sagan’s book “Pale Blue Dot – A Vision of the Human Future In Space”, after that quote had been posted on Facebook from Americans Against the Tea Party.

Because the reason for my posting was misunderstood, I explained that my posting this Carl Sagan quote had nothing to do with my politics or the Tea Party beliefs of others, but I had thought the following last paragraph to be very thought-provoking – the one about our responsibility to deal more kindly and compassionately with one another and to preserve and cherish that pale blue dot, the only home we’ve ever known.

As I wrote before Christmas of last year, this is the season to share memories, and I am one of the fortunate ones who have many good memories. I wish a very Merry Christmas to all, and I hope the new year of 2013 will be a very good one for all.

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