Court, Attorney General Confirm Rios’ Residency

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Once again, it has been confirmed that Supervisor Pete Rios continues as a legal resident of District 1. It comes as no surprise as a Superior Court judge and the Attorney General of the State of Arizona had previously reviewed the issue and confirmed Rios as a resident of Dudleyville in Pinal County. Yet in a state of denial, Mr. Leos disregarded the judicial system’s legal decisions and instigated another residency challenge in Pima County only to have the same results reaffirmed. 

  Mr. Leos’s hypocritical actions could be tied to his desperate attempt to convince voters that he currently lives in Picacho, when the majority of Eloy citizens know he lives on Shedd Road in Toltec. Toltec is located in Supervisor Miller’s district, not Rios’.  

  Leos’s actions are interchangeable with Einstein’s definition of insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.   

  Supervisor Rios is unfazed by this recent challenge and has remained focused on critical issues that truly matter for Pinal County. 

/s/ Pete Rios

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