Councilman Brewer expresses concern over town happenings

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Welcome to Barcelo Ville.

I will try to address the articles that have been submitted to the Miner in the last few weeks by officials of the Town of Mammoth.

Miner issue, Wednesday, March 5, 2014 Patsy Large the Town clerk/manager.

1. The Town clerk states that she submitted her letter of resignation, but decided to stay after at least four Council members asked her to continue as acting Town clerk/manager. Her resignation was set for December 13, 2013. There are four elected Council members and three hand picked. I know of two elected council members that did not ask her to stay, so, that leaves a possible count of five. One of the hand picked Council members did not ask her to stay. Wow!

There have not been any ads posted for a new Town Clerk, If she is only working on a day-to-day basis, don’t you think that the Town leaders should prepare in case the Town clerk/manager decides “Today is my last day.” ? Remember, her resignation took effect December 13, 2013 (last year) and nothing has been brought to the Council meetings to let her work on a day-by-day basis.

2. The Town clerk/manager says she was called and reported for work within a couple of hours. Sounds prearranged to me. She did not put in writing how happy we all were when the results for the last recall came in.

3. The Transparency Issue. The transparency issue is clearly misunderstood and that there has been no attempt to hide business that the Town conducts.

Why did the Mayor decide to quit giving receipts of any kind to the Council, so that they could check on all of the expenditures? I go to the Town Hall and ask for the receipts and/or ledgers, and, I am charged per copy, and, am an elected Councilman.

No one wants to go to the Town Hall to ask for information, because, they know what happens. You end up in court, after being cursed at. She has cursed at me for calling the Auditor and filing complaints with the Attorney General. I am not the only person she has cursed at. The salaried employees, and, some of the hourly employees, believe that they can curse anybody, any time. It is a cancer that started with the Public Works Director, spread to his employees and, now, the Town clerk/manager.

4. The audit and/or audits. The forensic audit was finally agreed to, but, of course, it never came to pass. The regular audit has never been completed. I called the auditor and asked why we had no report. He was waiting on a list of items from the clerk/manager that she would not send him. Still no completed audit, yet, she claims we have a yearly audit, also. I haven’t seem them and, I ‘ll bet you haven’t, either.

Since she has been here, the Town has purchased two sets of computers. Once, because she said the old computers were erased, and, the second set because the computers would not start properly. Where are the computers that were replaced, and, where are the files that were in them? How simple: lose the computers and the files; who can prove any wrong doing?

5. The Traveler. I received a letter from him, as did all the Council. I called him and apologized profusely. I asked if it would be okay to submit it to the Miner on his behalf, and, he agreed, and, thank me for caring. Why, I ask, didn’t the Mayor bring this to the open meeting, so we could find a resolution to this disgraceful treatment of our tourist? I know: transparency!

6. Developers. Developers are looking at Mammoth, to build housing and a strip mall. Okay developers: I ask, who owns the well and/or property on the sites to be developed, and, what happened to the Cielo project?

7. Grants. Grants are coming in, but, how is the grant money going to be used, and, who is going to be paid? I know, in the past, that grant monies have been received, but, the money was not used for the specified purpose. Maybe that is another reason no financial records are given to the Council or the public. More transparency!

8. Recall. A recall is coming, and, it is going to cost money; but, to save money, all they have to do is resign. One of the persons being recalled stated that “If they get 82 signatures on me, I’ll resign.” You know who that is, because of all the boasting; but, no resignation.

No credibility, no transparency, and, no work of honor.

Miner issue Wednesday, March 12, 2014.

The Mayor’s Wife. First, I would like to commend the Mayor’s wife for supporting her husband. Behind every good man is a good or better woman; unfortunately, it also works in the opposite.

She says Alvaro has been in the office for 22 years. That, in itself, is quite an accomplishment. Wow, 22 years!

1. She said that her daughter worked for the town, before any interviews were taken. That ought to tell you something. Explain to me what a dental technician has to do with a government clerk working with financial ledgers.

2. Her daughter’s boyfriend went to talk to the Public Works Director for a job.I wonder how that went? Let’s take a wild guess. “My name is so and so, and, I am the Mayor’s daughter’s boyfriend, and I need a job to help them out with child support.” and, etc.

3. Attacking the Catholic Church. She goes on to attack the Catholic Church for helping the Seniors that were kicked out of the Community Center, and, not allowed to use the facilities free. The Senior group that the Mayor created is allowed to use it free of charge. Why can’t all Senior groups use the Community Center free of charge?

4. If the Mayor is replaced. Come on!

Miner issue March 19, 2014

Vice Mayor

1. The Vice Mayor states that she was getting involved in getting the Dollar General here in town. Maybe, someone should look at the records.

2. Water drainage on Vine. Again, she was instrumental in her water drainage system on Vine. This time, she was absolutely correct. She was the reason the water drainage system had to be put in.

3. She also stated that the Council voted on a meat market next to the Michoacanas Restaurant. The Council actually voted for the meat market on the 20th of March, after the Miner came out. That means, they agreed in a secret meeting, well before she wrote her article.

4. Remember her words. If someone asks what you have done in your life, hold your head up hight and be proud to let your heart speak the truth.

What has happened here in Mammoth? Here is a short summary of what has been happening.

They continuously talk about how beautiful the town is looking, with the sidewalks, but, they never talk about how much they are costing. If you have had sidewalks placed in front of your property, then, you may have an idea of the cost.

1. How many employees were used to dig up and level for the sidewalks and curbs?

2. How many employees were used to mix, haul, pour and finish the cement?

3. How many weeks or months did it take to complete your street?

Actually, it would be a lot cheaper and faster to buy ready mix and pour a truckload at a time.

4. The Town purchased property for the R.O. The property was purchased and the (temporary employee) person was hired to clean the place with a weed eater.

Next, the Town went in with heavy equipment to level the place out, cement foundation and all.I guess the heavy equipment could not cut down the weeds, or, why would they hire someone to weed the property?

5. Now, what do they do with all of the dirt, weeds, foundation and all the garbage. They start another landfill at the bottom of Mcfarland. Now there are two landfills here in town; one on the old cement plant, and, one on Mcfarland.

6. Grants have been given to Mammoth for sidewalks and curbing, in the past, and were never used for the specific reason. One grant was given for sidewalks and curbs 1st through 5th streets. The sidewalks and curbs stopped once the Mayor got his. Take a look for yourself. Oh, the Mayor’s brother has sidewalk and curbing, also, but, I believe his will serve as a ramp for the water to flood his property out during the rainy season. Isn’t it funny how they get whatever they want, and, to heck with the neighbors?

You all know how they set me up to be publicly ridiculed, defamed and slandered; but, of course, I proved them liars.

I have never loaned money for 100 percent interest. I do not live with a married woman whose husband works for the town. I have never had my foster care license taken from me for improprieties, and, I have never stripped my spouse’s banking accounts because of what I did. I will not mention what this person did, unless I am forced to. It is too vulgar.

Closing note. None of the above bragged about losing a grant because they did not or could not do the work that the previous Vice Mayor did.

Yes, the recall is coming, and, I , also, ask that you come to the meetings and ask questions about your money. You will be denied the right to participate, even though our town ordinances give you the right.

They can blow their horn ‘til the cows come home, but, it will do them no good. I want to say thank you, to all who support this recall.

Thank you,

/s/ Joseph S. Brewer

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