Copper Community Action Board hosts local concert

Porters Ghost Violinist Lexy performs.

Monica Badillo

Johnny Silva and Lucky Romero perform. Nina Crowder | Copper Basin News

David Romero, Adrian Romero, Peter SantaMaria and Matthew SantaMaria perform at the CCAB Concert. Nina Crowder | Copper Basin News

Johnny Angel sings Sinatra

Copper Basin News

The performing musicians sang their hearts out and played their music for all to enjoy! It was another terrific event held by the Copper Community Action Board (CCAB). CCAB is a local group working toward the future prosperity and pride of our local communities. The CCAB has performed various days of cleaning up in Dudleyville, Hayden, trash pick-up and overgrown weed removal from the Winkelman Historical Bridge, and they have plans for many other projects for the local communities. CCAB recently acquired a cooler and would like interested parties of the local communities to contact them expressing the need for a cooler. Please feel free to contact CCAB with a letter of interest to or visit them on Facebook.

The evening performers consisted of fathers and sons, Peter Santa Maria, David Romero and sons Matthew Santa Maria and Adrian Romero. Other performers included: Ariella Borquez, 11, a seventh grader at Walker Butte in San Tan who loves sports; Martina Borquez, 14, who attends Walker Butte in San Tan and loves science and history; Julie Borquez, 16, who attends school in San Tan and loves music; Danny Fessenden, who played for Ray High School and many bands he has also been a guest performer for the Copper Basin Idol. Danny volunteers his time and talent. Another performer, Johnny Silva, works for ASARCO, and is the current Fire Chief of Hayden and president of CCAB. Performer, Johnny Angel, 17, who loves Frank Sinatra and Dean Martin. He currently attends Hayden High School and the Fire Science Program through the CVIT program. Performer Luciano “Lucky” Romero is an employee of Banner Desert and Cardon Children Medical Centers in Mesa. He truly enjoys music and charity events. Performer Bernadette Munoz from Hayden/Kearny loves all genres of music and Monica Badillo is a Hayden resident who is a volunteer firefighter. Performers Porter’s Ghost is a steam-age rock and roll reformation that consists of Brad Baker, Alexis Lopez, Roger Martines and Iam McMillen.

Every performer was terrific, full of energy and truly made it a special evening! The community members in attendance enjoyed the brisk evening and good vibrations soared through the air. The music was invigorating and a real pleasure to listen to!

For more upcoming events or to volunteer with Copper Community Action Board email them at or visit them on Facebook at Copper Community Action Board. Thank you to all the sponsors, the Hayden-Winkelman School Board for the use of the auditorium and Martina Burnam with CCAB for her efforts and hard work to facilitate such a fun and successful event!

Nina Crowder (34 Posts)

Nina Crowder is a resident of Mammoth. She volunteers in several local organizations. She covers events throughout the Copper Corridor and Superior Town and School governance.

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