Complaint lodged against Mammoth PW Director

Dear Editor:

This letter was originally dated March 13, 2013 and was addressed to the Mammoth Town Council.

Formal Complaint Against David Garcia, Mammoth Public Works Director: Freely written. Neither threats nor intimidation were used to obtain this document.

When David Garcia walked into the Mammoth Lumber with two other town employees, he was greeted by a few people, including an older gentleman named Don. David soon became verbally threatening toward Don, telling him that he was sitting with the wrong crowd at the council meeting, and that Don had said something he did not like at the council meeting.

I did not hear anything, but, David’s tone was loud and disrespectful. It was very unprofessional behavior for a town employee, on the job, in a public place, with other customers present.

Don asked David, repeatedly, why David was speaking to him in such a way; what reason he had. I did get between them and reminded David and Don that this was not the time or place for the conversation. Don agreed and left. David made a few comments regarding Don sitting in the wrong seat at meetings.

Be reminded that there were more than seven people in the lumber yard at that time. This action David chose to take while on the job, with other town employees present. This took place in a business during working hours, with customers to hear and see.

/s/ Jacqueline Lee Ells

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