Clarification on Dry Heat: Hollywood Heroes

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  The San Manuel Miner has received some feedback regarding the Dry Heat column, Hollywood Heroes, by John Hernandez, published in the Aug. 1, 2018 issue.

  One such letter was unsigned by its author and, due to our editorial policy of requiring a signature before publication, we are unable to put it in print. But we thought we’d share some of his points and offer a clarification.

  The author was upset that “Hernandez makes this act of crime all about our President and not the crime committed.”

  In the email, he says, “It seems he (Hernandez) feels it is ok to destroy someone’s property if you think they don’t deserve the property or award and you happen to disagree with that person’s views.”

  To clarify, no. Neither John Hernandez nor the editorial staff at the San Manuel Miner condone destruction of property. We believe that the person or persons who perpetrated the crime should be punished.

  The Dry Heat column wasn’t about the destruction of the star. Rather it was a commentary on the fact that President Donald Trump actually HAS a star. It’s a commentary on the fact that in days of old, those stars were reserved for actors and actresses, Hollywood Legends. Stars were given to actors and actresses and other Hollywood greats whose bodies of work warranted the honor.

  But no one has the right to destroy or damage President Trump’s star. It was awarded and, regardless of anyone’s opinion political or otherwise, the star should be respected.

  The San Manuel Miner publishes the Dry Heat columns as a means to initiate a conversation with our readers – as editorial or opinion columns are meant to do. Obviously, the column has done precisely that.


Jennifer Carnes (21 Posts)

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