Celebrating Superior’s top two graduates for 2020

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Superior High School Valedictorian Queenie Hing is interviews via Zoom.

  This year graduation at Superior High School will look much different. The traditional school year ended abruptly, and everyone has found new ways to adjust and try to keep the school spirit going. 

  Much like every year in the history of Superior High School, we celebrate and recognize the accomplishments of the Valedictorian and Salutatorian.   This year’s Valedictorian is Queenie Hing, daughter of Richard and Bea Hing, and the Salutatorian is Marlee Estatico, daughter of Stephen and Sonia Estatico.

Queenie Hing

  Valedictorian Queenie Hing held and maintained the highest grade point average for the class of 2020.  During her high school career she was actively involved in DECA, FBLA, Student Council and during her Senior Year she served as Student Body President and she played Tennis.  She plans to attend Arizona State University and attend the College of Health Solutions, he long term goal is to become an Ophthalmologist.  Her life in a decade, she sees herself driving a green smart car, working as an ophthalmologist and living in a nice apartment.

Marlee Estatico

  Salutatorian Marlee Estatico was an all around Student-Athlete.  She competed in Volleyball, Basketball, and Softball all four years of  high school and was a member of the 2018 State Championship Softball team.  She also served as the Student Body Treasurer, and the Yearbook Editor/President and was an active member of FCCLA and FBLA.  After high school she plans on attending Pima Medical Institute to achieve the National Nursing Assistant Certification. In a decade she sees herself working in the nursing profession, having a home and maybe she will have a family.

  COVID-19 changed their end of year plans. Both Queenie and Marlee agree that the challenges they and their classmates faced due to the outbreak of the pandemic will make them stronger to handle the challenges of life.  

  “This will enable us to be resilient and productive citizens in the future,” said Marlee.  

  How they worked changed quickly. 

  “We learned how to use Microsoft Teams, Zoom and learned how to communicate better online,” said Queenie. “This will give us an advantage because we had to adjust quickly” she said.  

  For Queenie, her new student orientation will be done online there will be no in person events as she makes the transition to ASU.  The closure of the schools allowed Marlee to take on more hours at her job and prepare for starting Pima Medical in June.  

  Both will miss their classmates teachers and school activities, seeing their teachers and friends.  “We have all been together since pre-school, I am going to miss my classmates” explained Queenie.  Marlee said being a Superior Panther has been an enjoyable experience and there is not anything she won’t miss about being in high school.  They will graduate without the celebrations of their last proms, ditch days and Senior trips, those last few activities that bind them together and create those lasting memories.  

  Both would like to see their community grow and improve over the next decade both suggested more housing and business development.  

  “I would like to see more technology opportunities and business in Superior along with more recreation,” said Queenie. She also suggested that there could be a few more street lights to help reduce crime and help people see better at night.   

  “I hope to see Superior expand in both business and housing so that more families will move here.  I hope that Superior will keep the same traditions that binds us together,” added Marlee.

  The future is bright for these two graduates and their experiences with COVID-19 has taught them flexibility, patience and understanding – all critical skills for navigating lives challenges.

Author’s note: Copper Area News – Superior Sun congratulates Queenie and Marlee and their families for this top academic accomplishment.  Due to COVID-19 interviews were conducted remotely via Zoom and email written replies, I sure do miss the in person interviews!  – Mila Besich

Mila Besich-Lira (460 Posts)

Mila Besich-Lira is a resident of Superior with two children. She volunteers for many local organizations. She is an experienced fundraiser and event planner for Copper Corridor Economic Development Coalition. She covers some of the area town councils and schools.

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