Candidate Announcement: Judge Nancy Discher – Re-elect a seasoned candidate

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  As your Justice of the Peace for the Limited Justice Court, Precinct 5 in Oracle, I am happy to announce my re-election campaign for the new judicial term of January, 2019 through December, 2022.
  The last four years as your Judge, I have worked with our amazing Court Staff overseeing the following cases: Orders of Protection; Suppression Hearings; DUI’s; Civil Procedures up to $10,000; Small Claims up to $3,500; Traffic Court;  Pre-trials; Forcible Detainers; Search Warrant request/issuances for all of Pinal County; and Jury and Bench Trials. 
  As the Judicial Officer, assisted by the Court Staff, we have successfully complied with the Minimal Accounting Standards, and the Court Operations Audit Review in 2017. Also, to meet the Arizona Supreme Court Security Standards, i ensured the installation of video and audio recording equipment, court and parking lot cameras, panic buttons and Security Officers in place at the Oracle Court to protect our constituency, staff and citizens.
  During my 30-year business career, I completed several courses in criminal justice and legal aspects of business, civil actions, and medical forensics. As a nursing and hospital executive, and executive business consultant.  I was responsible for assuring compliance with local, state, and federal guidelines and statutes. My business relationships were with the legal and law enforcement communities, small and large business leaders, educational entities, politicians, and most importantly a vast cross section of citizens from children to the elderly, mostly those who were vulnerable and with complex situations seeking resolutions.

  My husband, Michael, is retired from Delta Airlines and the U.S. Air Force, Air National Guard. My son, David, is a graduate of University of Arizona with a degree in Aerospace Engineering. He lives with his wife, Cheryl, and four children in Texas.  We have been residents in Arizona for over 36 years. Michael is a native of Arizona.
  My extensive business, advanced education, and four years of experience as Judge in the Limited Justice Court will ensure that I will meet the challenges of serving all citizens fairly and competently in both courts in the new Precinct 5. It has been my honor to serve you these past four years, and I look forward to serving you for another four year term.

Strategic Plan To Address New Precinct 5 Court Challenges:

    This new Precinct 5 will cover an enormous geographical area, including the Copper Corridor of Pinal County. The Court looks forward to serving all citizens from the rural areas, as well as those from the towns and urban settings.

  Having been a professional healthcare clinician/nurse and serving as a judge, both disciplines require a commitment to serve all, regardless of background, ethnicity and socioeconomic origins.  Non-partisanship after the election is paramount. The court is here to uphold the law while considering each defendant as an individual, assisting them to a positive resolution/pathway.

  Our new expanded precinct will require expertise in advanced technologies, complex database configurations, and the leadership of a court staff to meet all challenges. The Team we have in place is ready to meet your court interactions, and consists of judges (presiding and pro-tem) and court staff with over 100 years of combined experience.

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