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    Health Issues: What Exactly is a TIA?

    August 10th, 2017

    TIA (Transient Ischemic Attack) is a stroke, sometimes referred to as a “mini-stroke.”  It is precipitated by a blockage in […]

    From Dr. Miles: Keeping Healthy When It’s Hot Outside

    June 15th, 2017

    We are blessed in the high desert with slightly cooler temperatures than in the surrounding desert areas.  However, as the […]

    Health Issues: Learning About the Prostate

    February 8th, 2017

    The prostate is a gland that sits at the base of the male urethra.  Its primary purpose is to alkalinize […]

    Health Issues: Bio-Identical Hormones

    January 10th, 2017

    Whether or not a woman takes hormones to replace those diminished with menopause is a personal decision influenced by certain […]

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    Menopause: To Supplement or Not to Supplement?

    December 15th, 2016

    Menopause refers to the change in hormone production seen in women that normally signals the end of their reproductive years.  […]

    What is L-Tryptophan?

    November 10th, 2016

    Many people associate tryptophan with the drowsiness they feel after a big Thanksgiving dinner.   Tryptophan is one of the […]

    Health Issues: Calcium and Your Health

    October 14th, 2016

    Calcium is a mineral with many uses in the body.  It, of course, adds structural strength to bones and enamel.  […]

    Health Issues: Chocolate and Love

    September 15th, 2016

    It seems that love and chocolate have been melted together since the advent of dating.  This delectable culinary delight has […]