A close look at the handwriting of Hillary Clinton

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(The year) 2016 is still a couple of years ahead, yet we are inundated by media speculation about possible candidates for the next presidential election. One name has been mentioned on a daily basis: Hillary Rodham Clinton. Will she run?

It appears that the former First Lady is asking herself that very same question, although her new book ‘Hard Choices’ reads not only like an account of recent history, but also like a resume for the job of President of the United States.

Clinton served as the US Secretary of State from 2009 to 2013 after nearly four decades in public service as an advocate, attorney, First Lady, and Senator. Clinton’s track record and vast experience make her the most qualified candidate at this time.

She is intimately familiar with the White House where she reigned as First Lady during the Bill Clinton presidency and where daughter Chelsea grew up. As Secretary of State, she visited more than 150 countries and forged alliances and friendships with heads of state throughout the world.

It seems appropriate at this time to take a closer look at Clinton’s handwriting. Graphoanalytic analysis of her signature reveals special aspects of the character and personality of Hillary Rodham Clinton.

Diplomacy is Clinton’s forte, no doubt. If you take a close look at the three names, you will notice how each one declines in height from Capital letter to the end of the name. Diplomacy is an asset, a major requirement in politics. It enhances communication.

Communication is a driving force in Clinton’s modus operandi, in her own words excerpted out of the book Hard Choices: “I have faced my share of hostile public opinion over the years and have learned it can’t be wished away or papered over with happy talk. There will always be substantive disagreements between peoples and nations, and we shouldn’t be surprised about that. It makes sense to engage directly with people, hear them out, and offer a respectful exchange of views. That might not change many minds, but it’s the only way to move toward constructive dialogue. In today’s hyperconnected world our ability to communicate with publics as well as governments has to be part of our national security strategy.”

In the signature we see one closed a, and one open a. Clinton is an excellent communicator. She will state what needs to be said without revealing sensitive information.

Open-mindedness and inclusiveness are part of Clinton’s personality. These characteristics are seen in the overall horizontal expansion of the script and the wide loop in the letter y. Clinton welcomes change. She includes people of diverse backgrounds and philosophies into her circle of friends and associates. Most of all, she is a team player. New negotiations are addressed with a sense of objectivity. She keeps all options on the table.

Above all, she keeps the big picture in mind.

A sense of justice guides Clinton to do what she thinks is right. The vertical upright script reveals that she remains objective and poised, even in the face of adversity and keeps a cool head when others are losing theirs.

She likes to make sure she is on the right track before starting anything. Strategic planning precedes decision and action, always aiming for the best possible outcome of a situation.

The letter t in Clinton is shorter than the capitals, yet it is proportionate to the middle zone of the handwriting, indicating a combination of pride in her achievements and independence of thought. She is a trail blazer. Precedence may influence, but does not govern her thinking. She is willing to renounce conformity when that method seems an inferior approach.

Creativity and originality lend a special dimension to her personality. She is a unique individual, a person to be reckoned with. She can think on her feet and is unafraid of meeting adversity head on. There are different graphological indicators for these factors, some of which are the elegant connectors between the H and i in Hillary, and again the R and o in Rodham.

The letter l in Clinton has a well rounded loop, contrasting the l’s in Hillary. This well looped l is representative of imagination.

Imagination equates creativity, thus enriching people’s lives. The imaginative mind is capable of conceiving novel ideas and concepts.

Clinton enjoys sharing her views with team members. She has far more ideas running through her head than she can use. She is creative. She has the ability to apply visualization toward strategies and campaigns.

Intuition comes in handy during decision making processes, especially when information is incomplete, or not fully understood.

Loyalty is a main factor in Clinton’s character. A graphic indicator here is the clean, rounded i-dot in Hillary which indicates loyalty to family, friends and one’s principles.

Of special interest here is the missing i-dot in the name Clinton, whereas it has been carefully placed in the name Hillary. Perhaps her loyalty has been tested one time too many in the past by her charming husband.

Generosity is seen in Clinton’s handwriting. Generosity translates into a willingness to reach out to others, be considerate of their needs and pitch in to help whenever possible. Generosity also means that a person is concerned with the progress of friends and associates as well as that of oneself.

Evidence of generosity is seen in the name Rodham that ends in an elongated m, and again in a similar n in the Clinton name.

Mental Processes. In examining the name Hillary, we are struck by four straight downstrokes of the letter H and two l’s. These strokes in themselves tell us about her ability to think for herself in the absence of experts and advisors. She states her opinions simply and clearly so that others will understand what she means.

Clinton comes straight to the point when dealing with other people and would like the same approach in return. Small talk is not on the agenda.

However, because we detect that the letter d in Rodham was drawn with a slim looped d-stem, we know that Clinton will have empathy with others in the room when she becomes aware of their unease. This would have a softening effect on the direct approach and be more in line with the needs of the personalities present.

Because the second downstrokes of the H and double l are longer than the initial ones, we discern that underneath a bold demeanor Clinton is nonetheless sensitive as to how others might assess her and her actions.

Placement of the i dot is indicative of a good memory.

The capital R in Rodham is comprised of a simple downstroke with a well rounded top that swings over to form the letter o. This elegant letter combination is graphic evidence of an uncluttered mind, clear vision and the ability to think on her feet and quickly adjust to ever changing situations.

Self Esteem plays a major role in Clinton’s life. She is aware of her talents and feels competent to take on the highest office.

Clinton shares some of her thoughts in Hard Choices: “My years in politics prepared me for this phase of my life. I am often asked how I take the criticism directed my way. I have three answers: First, if you choose to be in public life, remember Eleanor Roosevelt’s advice and grow skin as thick as a rhinoceros. Second, learn to take criticism seriously but not personally. Your critics can actually teach you lessons your friends can’t or won’t. I try to sort out the motivation for criticism, whether partisan, ideological, commercial or sexist, analyze it to see what I might learn from it and discard the rest. Third, there is a persistent double standard applied to women in politics—regarding clothes, body types and of course hairstyles—that you can’t let derail you. Smile and keep going. Granted these words of advice result from years of trial and error and mistakes galore, but they helped me around the world as much as they did at home.”

In conclusion:

Clinton’s actions and decisions carry the mark of intelligence and integrity.

She welcomes input of advisors and experts and does not shy away from hard work and long hours.

In the absence of counsel, she is resourceful enough to deal with unexpected issues by herself.

Flexibility allows her to adjust policies and strategies to address the ever changing political and socioeconomic landscapes in the world arena.

One thing is certain: If and when Hillary Clinton decides to run, she will have a chance at becoming the first female president of the United States.

Skylar Khan is a Master Graphoanalyst and author of “Handwriting Rocks.” For more information or comments please visit www.HandwritingAuthority.com

Skylar Kahn (21 Posts)

Skylar Khan lives on a vortex in Oracle. She is a Master Graphoanalyst and has been contributing articles to The Oracle Towne Crier about personality traits revealed through Handwriting Analysis. Her book “Handwriting Rocks” is informative and entertaining. For more information, please visit HandwritingAuthority.com

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